In 2019, we added an Escape Room to the list of activities available at RavenCon. This year we’ll be bringing back our classic Escape Room and we’ll also run a second scenario.

You can sign up for either (or both) scenarios at the Registration Desk during the convention.

Scenario 1: The Madness of Poe

Our Con Chair and the staff have, once again, let their obsession with Edgar Allan Poe get away from them. While you’re in here solving puzzles they will be bricking you into the room. You have one hour before the mortar dries and you’re trapped in there forever. However, some of our staff think it’s a bad idea to be killing our attendees so they’ve left you a few clues to help you escape. And if you can find an enticing bribe for the Con Chair, he’ll let you out of the room.

Scenario 2: Lost in Time

Our science guests have been mucking around with time travel technology on the science track. Somehow, they’ve managed to send you and an entire room of the hotel back to 2006! You’ve got to find and reassemble the time machine’s remote control to send yourselves back to 2020. You’ve only got one hour before the timeline is permanently set and you’re trapped in the past forever.