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T E Bakutis

T E Bakutis is an author and game designer whose superpowered soldiers vs. mutants series, The Hallowed War, was just released by Aethon Books. His three grimsnark scifi thrillers, The Insurgency Saga, are also available. You can read excerpts from all his books at When not writing, he is probably in Skyrim VR.

James Deeley

James Deeley is a freelance writer, aspiring game designer, veteran game master, and the founder and lead writer at Apotheosis Games & Publishing. A passionate fan of fantasy, science fiction, and history since his early boyhood days of playing in castle ruins all across England, Jim’s world was forever changed when in late 2000, he sat down to his first ever tabletop role-playing game: a session of Vampire: The Masquerade. Since then, Jim has dedicated far too many waking hours to getting better at running role-playing games, and to that end has developed a series of panels called the Apotheosis Series on the logistics of writing and running tabletop RPGs. The Apotheosis Series was originally intended for Game Masters, but these panels proved useful for all manner of creative types. Jim is taking the ideas behind these panels and working on making them into a series of books on the subject. Jim lives in Newport News with his multi-talented artist wife Kristi and their five cats. He is currently working on Against the Elements a book for High Level Games’ Snowhaven setting, collaborating on several projects for White Wolf’s Storyteller’s Vault, and writing Apotheosis: The Ultimate Guide to Game Mastery. 

E.L. Fortner

E.L. Fortner is a voice-over artist, actor, author, scriptwriter, producer, director, lyricist/music composer, and photographer. He has over twenty-five years of experience programming video games—starting in the 1980s, working for Apple while still in high school. He also developed one of the first gaming BBSs in the mid-Atlantic region.

In the 80s and early 90s, he played as a semi-professional gamer. On Saturday August 10th, 2013, he received an award for his work in the video gaming industry and was pictured on one of Twin Galaxies’ video game trading cards.

His work has ranged from indie games and voice overs to music to independent productions of film and television. He has worked for industry giants like Blizzard Entertainment and Disney. Edward’s favorite project to date has been voicing characters on the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. He also voiced several characters in the audio horror series Tales from Beyond, Volume 2.

He has worked on theater, film, and television projects and appeared in the American Revolution drama, TURN, on AMC and wrote for a television pilot titled Experiment Kelly. He also directed the television show Wishes. He is currently completing his second book—Dreams of Reality.

Mark E. Geary

Mark Geary is a grand-master level Dungeon Master (DM) and Game Master (GM), with 40+ years of experience in Role Playing Games (RPGs) including running a 36+ year campaign and establishing several “living” superhero RPGs for the Mid-Atlantic region. Mark is also a comic book historian, old-time horror radio expert, Old West aficionado, a writer, a podcasting host for Friday Night Live and Fortress for the Forbidden Mind, and a storyteller… Did he ever tell you the one about the fish that got away?

Mark’s been involved with regional fandom since the late 1980s, running the RPG programming for several local conventions, and he’s also written a few things here and there.

Gareth B. Johnson

Creator of the Pythos Tabletop Roleplaying Game, Gareth loves tinkering with game rules. After years of playing and GMing a variety of games, including D&D, FATE, and D20 Modern, he designed his own from the ground up. He formed Starlit Games LLC and has successfully funded two projects on Kickstarter, including the Myriad RPG Loot and Inventory System, released in 2021. Gareth’s favorite piece of gaming wisdom is: The Game Master wins when the players have fun.

Pythos is a roleplaying game that leverages simultaneous action combat mechanics to bring new tactical elements into play. Dive into the mythological fantasy setting inspired by myths and legends from all over the world. Visit to learn more.

Nikole McDonald-Jones

Nikole McDonald-Jones–a.k.a Spooni* or Zerospoonz in some circles–is an Artist… of many disciplines. She is a classically trained operatic singer and pianist, is a practicing linguist of five languages, a trained dancer and choreographer, and holds a BFA in Illustration and Kinetic Imagery. She currently works for Ubisoft by day and on the off hours records VoiceOver work, creates internet content and develops for side gaming projects such as Skywind.

Before relocating to Raleigh, NC, she worked with Yellowhouse and DarkLondon Films on area productions as a fight choreographer & props manager for many stunts and actor fight reels and was the voice of the Red Rocks Music Festival.

You can find any and all of her works all across the internet but she is mostly found on Instagram or either live streaming on her Official Twitch & Youtube channels.

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