The Story of RavenCon

RavenCon is a fan-run Science Fiction and Fantasy convention that was conceived by a dedicated group of fans in 2005. Our goal is to create a forum in which fans and professionals can interact and share their interests in literature, art, gaming, podcasting, costuming, science, and music. More importantly, we want to create an event that is packed with exciting activities all weekend long!


RavenCon calls Richmond, VA our home centrally located on the I-95 Corridor.

Guests of Honor

Author Guest of Honor: TBA
Special Guest: Count Gore De Vol


Concerts • Cosplay • Gaming • Workshops • Readings
Signings • Vendors • Kids’ Programming • Book Swap
Two Escape Rooms  • The Gothic Wonderland Tea Party
Kids Costume Parade • Cosplay Showcase
The Ultimate Blanket Fort Competition
The RavenCon Masquerade and More Than 300 Hours of Programming!