Vendors' Room

RavenCon always strives to have a varied Vendors’ Room filled with interesting and unique vendors. You will find a wide array of goods, including books, costumes and costuming accessories, books, games, jewelry, craft items, t-shirts, plushies, pop culture items, artwork, and more books!

If you’re interested in being a vendor in 2024, you can fill out an application right here!

RavenCon 2024 Vendors

We’ve already lined up some GREAT vendors for RavenCon 17! Here’s a little of what you can expect…

  • Big Bob’s Little Knife Shop – Swords and knives from all genres.
  • Chaos Publications – A small publishing house of original books and create collectibles relating to those books, as well as hand-made bookmarks.
  • Cover dem Bones – Outerwear for your inner pirate! Handmade costumes and accessories.
  • Crossed Tea Cups – Enamel pins, stickers, stationery, and chainmaille.
  • Crystal Moon – Crystals of all shapes and sizes! Handmade jewelry with crystals, tarot cards and wall tapestries.
  • Distracted Dragon – Books & 3D printed objects.
  • Distractia Designs – Utility kilts, costume pieces for ladies (gypsy/fairie/belly dance), gamer accessories, hand-made leather dice bags, and more.
  • DreamPunk Press – A publishing collective that publishes fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and contemporary, for adults, teens, and (soon) children.
  • Fireside Workshop – Enamel pins, resin figures, laser-cut jewelry plushies, handmade wooden boxes, and ornaments.
  • Gothic Apothecary – Unique antiques for custom hunter kits and vintage and recreation costuming. Follow them on Face Book!
  • Insomnia Jewelers – From creepy to nerdy, you’ll find handmade polymer clay jewelry, figurines, and miniatures.
  • KatsCrafthouse – Handmade earrings made of polymer clay, charms and trinkets.
  • Mirror Maskerade – Selling masks, horns, staves, LARPing items, hair falls, headpieces, jewelry, and fans.
  • Mystik Waboose – Featuring t-shirts and fun geeky buttons that can be worn by all ages or attached to our embroidered messenger and engineer-style bags.
  • NRW Artz – From cute and Adorable Chibi animals, to gaming characters, to unique detailed creatures! We have stickers, keychains, enamel pins, apparel, mugs, bags, blankets, new Cthulhu’s D20 plush and more!
  • Oakley’s Gently Used Books – Used, signed and/or collectible used books. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mythology, history, science, and children’s books.
  • Old Earth Books – New and used books and collectibles.
  • Orielis’ Books – Gently used and collectible hardback and paperback books (military sci-fi, urban fantasy, steampunk, young adult, vintage old masters, space opera, horror, epic fantasy, and more). Featuring local authors and a good selection by the Guest of Honor.
  • Otaku Bombs – Anime themed bath bombs, body butters, soaps, hand towels, hair oil, body spray, beard oil.
  • Otaku International Express – International snacks, drinks, and merchandise. These products include Japanese Kit Kats, Saudi Arabian 7Ups, Chinese Lays, & Japanese Anime Merchandise.
  • Prospective Press – Small-press publisher that also makes book- and fandom-related products (bookmarks, stickers, magnets, posters). Also sells a selection of licensed Studio Ghibli merchandise.
  • RavenCon – For all your official RavenCon gear—buttons, t-shirts, and our CORVID-19 anthology.
  • Rhasputin – Skulls, bones, jewelry, wet specimens, hand made dice.
  • RVA Katana – RVA Katana has Richmond’s largest selection of Asian sword We work with six forges to procure blades priced for every budget, and can place custom orders.
  • RVA Fantasy Writers – RVA Fantasy Authors is a group of writers dedicated to improving craft, networking, and most of all, telling great stories. Follow them on Face Book!
  • Silend Gifts & More – Offering a variety of geeky wood products and more! Dice boxes, coasters, tiles, lasks, notebooks, bottle openers, keychains, and other items that you don’t want to miss.
  • Tabitha’s Trinkets and Treasures – DnD dice holder, runes, necklaces and keychains. Follow them on Face Book!
  • Tangent ArtistsOriginal artwork and commissions.
  • The Mini Foundry – 3d printed animals, fidgets, dragons, dinosaurs, sea creatures and more!
  • The Missing Volume – New, signed and collectible books.
  • The Purple Jack-O-Lantern – Handmade purses with a creepy vibe. Handmade stickers, plush, and cemetery necklaces.
  • The Rooted Dandelion Tea Co. – Tea blends with nerdy names.
  • Throwback Games – Purveyors of nostalgia! Retro video games and consoles.
  • Walt’s Cards – Card games, board games, RPGs, and everything you need for the total gaming experience.
  • Wow Fudge / CM Bars, LLC – Handmade gourmet fudge and Belgian chocolates.