RavenCon 17: Runway Cosplay Showcase
RavenCon 17 Cosplay Runway Showcase

The Cosplay Runway Showcase is a fun performance and runway event for cosplayers of all skill levels and ages to showcase a costume in character This is a lighthearted and fun contest for contestants, judges and spectators. The event is limited to 50 cosplayers, groups are counted as one if they are going to go out as one entry.

Pre-registration is required in advance by requesting a Cosplay Showcase entry card at registration or receiving one from one of our photographers during a meetup or other times. Remember there will be only 50 cards given out. If all 50 have not been given out you can request an entry card at the contest 30 minutes prior to the event. 

The showcase is a Runway style event and there will be no pre-judging. Contestants can enter in store-bought or homemade costumes.


  • Best in Show: Custom Raven Showcase Award , ticket to next years RavenCon
  • Best Individual: Custom Raven Showcase Award 
  • Best Group: Custom Raven Showcase Award 
  • Best Junior / Youth: Custom Raven Showcase Award 
  • Judges’ Awards (3): Custom Raven Showcase Award 
  • Best Page to Stage Award: Custom RavenCon Award
  • One entry per person or If you are taking part in a group entry, only one Cosplay Showcase card is necessary for the entire group. Any additional cards should be returned to registration.
  • No separate entries from the same person.
  • There is a limit of 50 entries.
  • All contestants must have received a Cosplay Showcase Card
  • All costumes must be PG-13 or less. Family friendly. Children are in this contest as well. 
  • The contest is open to all ages. An adult must accompany children under 12. Non-costumed parents of young entrants will be able to accompany their children at all times except while the children are onstage. Costumed parents can accompany their children onstage
  • Individuals are limited to one (1) minute on stage. Group entries are limited to one (1) minute plus thirty (30) seconds for each additional member up to a maximum of three (3) minutes on stage.
  • No bad behavior. RavenCon reserves the right to remove anyone from the contest at any time for any reason, including but not limited to indecent costume, unprofessional conduct, tardiness, and disruption of the contest.
  • No harmful or potentially harmful materials will be allowed. Any of the following on stage will result in disqualification and ejection from the contest: smoke effects, open flames, squirting liquids, firing projectiles, throwing objects into the audience, use of obscene language, pornographic representations, and full or partial nudity. Help us keep RavenCon a safe and family-friendly convention.
  • All participants should show up no later than 20 minutes before the competition begins but should try to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start. All contestants will be given a starting point and we ask you to provide email addresses and social media contact information (if you have it) for our contest staff.
  • When prompted by the RavenCon staff you will move from the set up area and proceed down the “red carpet” towards the stage. You are allowed to interact with the attendees and judges who will be at the table near the front of the stage. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Be your character. Remember you have 1 minute on stage up to 3 minutes as a group. The walk to the stage, have fun, but don’t take too long.