If you’d like to contact a member of the RavenCon staff, please click on their title. You can also find helpful bios for each person by clicking on their name. If you’re interested in becoming a staff member, please contact the Convention Chair. General questions can be directed to Information. If you’re interested in becoming a programming guest, vendor, or cosplayer, please fill out the appropriate application on the Applications page. We’re always on the lookout for new talent at RavenCon!

Convention ChairMichael D. Pederson
Vice ChairAnita Bruckert
AccessibilityRichard Sarner
Art ShowPaul Blotkamp
Vanora Hagen
Krissie Hadley
Artist & Author AlleyGrig Larson
Candy Larson
Audio/VisualMark Layne
Andrew Harper
Charity AuctionCrystal Smalling
Beverly Smalling
Convention OperationsBill Truesdale
Liz Albitz
Cosplay/MasqueradeKatelyn Law Sarver
Allyson Carter
Anissa Medina-Castillo
Hector Medina-Castillo
Paul Perrault
Quenton Shelton
Dealers’ RoomRené Enders
Emily Polan-Harper
EntertainmentAshe Brightwell
Escape RoomMike Vann
Veronica Vann
Jessa Perry
Fan TablesCheryl Lynn Jones
GamingKeith Clark
General StaffRick Albritton
Bryant Bourne
Jerry Chandler
Maison Collawn
Hailey Davidson
Beth Edmonds
Ed Fortner
Alexis Gilliland
Lee Gilliland
Michael Lewis
Mike Manning
Betsy Pickering
Erwin “Filthy Pierre” Strauss
Erin Woods
Green RoomLeslie Dannenberger
GuestsAdam Seats
Scott Winslow
High School OutreachMichael J. Winslow
HotelAlex Taylor
Amanda Taylor
Kid’s ProgrammingJennifer Chandler
Parking/Hotel ShuttleMr. Cat
PartiesStacey Helton McConnell
PhotographyEarl Harris
ProgrammingJennifer Hancock
Bill Lemmond
Crystal Ritchie
Adam Seats
The Bruce
PromotionsCheryl Lynn Jones
RegistrationAnita Bruckert
Doris Manning
Michelle Peacock
Chris Walsh
Tech CrewAlex Taylor
Amanda Taylor
Jo Levin
VolunteersChris Walsh
Joshua Sigma
Webster AwardGreg Smith
WebsiteMichael D. Pederson
Nate Hoffelder
YouTubeMichael Meunier
Young Adult ProgrammingMr. Cat
Bold denotes Department Head