Gaming FAQs

Q. Hey, I want to sign up for a game before RavenCon. Can I do that?

A. Yes! While not all games allow you to sign up prior to RavenCon, some do. You can see which ones in the descriptions of the games on the What’s Playing page. Just email with the name of the game you want to sign up for. You will receive a confirmation email within a couple of days, but you are not signed up until you receive confirmation.

Q. How do I become a game master at RavenCon

A. Start by filling out the Game Master Application. Each form you fill out represents a game you plan to run. If you want to put all the games you want to run into one application, that’s fine: we’ll sort it out. It’s critical to include an email address so we can contact you with updates and answer questions.

Q. If I run a game, do I get a free badge to RavenCon?

A. Yes. Game masters are a critical piece of programming for RavenCon and we appreciate you putting your time and energy into the enjoyment of our attendees.

Q. How do I get players to join my game?

A. There is a prominent wall where you can place sign-up sheets for your game. If you fill out the description sections for your games, we can promote them on social media and create a schedule of games at RavenCon before the big weekend. Players looking for a game can then know what’s scheduled and learn a little something about the game. We suggest you promote your game on social media as well.

Q.  What is the rating system on the Game Master Application?

A. The rating system helps players to gauge, in broad terms, whether your game is a good fit for them. Sometimes we like to run games that really aren’t kid-friendly, right?

Q. Where can I get answers to other questions?

A. Email with specific questions or requests.