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Table Number Friday Afternoon Friday Evening Saturday Morning Saturday Afternoon Saturday Evening Sunday
1 Tabletop Wargame Battletech: The Grinder (8pm) X-Wing: Battle over Endor (9am) Battletech: Mercenary Showdown (2pm) Battletech: Last Assault Mech Standing (8pm)
2 Play to Win Play to Win Play to Win Play to Win Play to Win Play to Win
3 Blood on the Clocktower (8pm) Accursed heart of the World ender dungeon Crawl classics (9am) Starfinder Society Scenario #6-09: Ridgerock Rescue (2pm)
4 Robotech: Run Baby Run (8pm) Terrorscape (2pm) Starfinder Fate of the Fifth (8pm)
5 Marsh Madness (D&D 5e) (2pm) Dungeons and Dragons (8pm) The Keep of the Mad Mage (2pm)
6 RuneQuest Starter Set (2pm) King of Monster Island (9am) Cyberpunk Red (2pm) Twilight 2000 (10am)
7 Kleos (8pm) Strongboxes or Coffins (9am) Janus Aspect II (2pm) Conan Adventures in an Age Undreamed of (8pm)
8 The Gravenstein Academy: Secrets at Samhain (2pm) The Gravenstein Academy: Imaginary Fiend (2pm)
9 Project: Crusaders ‘Parent Hoods’ (4pm) Gaslights and Grimoires – ‘The Jade Tigress’ (9am) Project Crusaders: ‘Crime-Con 2024’ (3pm) Gaslights and Grimoires – ‘Principia Cataclysmi’ (9pm) Project: Crusaders ‘Parent Hoods’ (9am)
10 Pythos Demo: The Crimson Coliseum (8pm) Pythos Demo: The Soggy Banquet (9am) Starstruck Mountain, Pythos Adventure (2pm) Pythos Demo: Ragnarok (10am)
11 Dragonslayer RPG (2pm) Dragonslayer RPG (9am) Dragonslayer RPG (2pm)
12 Rectangle Magic The Gathering – Commander (6pm) Magic The Gathering – Commander (12pm) MTG- Commander – Two headed Giant (6pm) Magic The Gathering – Commander (10am)
17 Rectangle Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40k (2pm)