For almost two decades RavenCon has been proud to keep fandom’s tradition of costuming or cosplay—you choose what to call it—alive with our annual Masquerade. While times change and themes change, convention costuming has always been a vibrant part of any type of convention, big and small. 

Here at RavenCon we are proud to offer a trifecta of events across the weekend to fit your cosplay style. 

Cosplay Runway Showcase

Friday night we offer the RavenCon Cosplay Runway Showcase. An event where we invite all cosplayers of any level and age to join in a spectacular red carpet event. Walk the runway, interact with our attendees, judges and hosts all while in character! Have fun, and remember: performance is key here- can you be Spidey enough? We want you to have fun and explore your character. Any style costume from store-bought to fully handmade is welcome. We even invite our guest cosplayers to take a walk and have fun with our newer cosplayers to give tips and tricks on how to wow the judges. Click here for more details.

RavenCon Grand Masquerade

Saturday night is the grand tradition, the RavenCon Masquerade. Here we mix craftsmanship/workmanship with the optional performance. Cosplayers, 14 and over, will take part in pre-judging for workmanship which will also include photos with our photographers. So make sure to put your best look forward! This contest is for crafters of every level. At the Masquerade itself you will be called to the stage where you will present your work to the audience and judges one last time, talk to our Masquerade hosts and be given the option to perform. Before entering, you should read the complete rules and fill out an application form.

Kids Costume Parade

Sunday we throw out all the rules because it’s Kidz Rulez with our Kids Costume Parade. One of our amazing guest cosplayers will lead kids 12 and under on a parade from the Rookery through Artist and Author Alley through the vendor hall and maybe even across the main stage where cosplayers can pose for some paparazzi as they make their way back to the Rookery.  

Final Notes

If you’re interested in participating in any of the cosplay events we have a few suggestions: Be sure to get your application in early. Please note that in order to enter, you must be registered at the convention. You must either be an attendee with a weekend pass, or you can purchase a day badge the morning of the convention. Make sure to read the full rules for each event you are interested in.

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