In 2019, we added an Escape Room to the list of activities available at RavenCon. This year we’ll be bringing back one of our classic Escape Rooms and we’ll also run a second brand-new scenario.

You can sign up for either (or both) scenarios at the Registration Desk during the convention.

Scenario 1: Vampire Conquest

Vampires have taken over the convention. Over the past year, undead bloodsuckers have been subverting staff, guests, and attendees to their will. Nobody knows for sure who exactly has been turned and only the vampires know who their Master is. It’s up to you to uncover the secret Master Vampire. Lucky for you, there are still a few humans left on the RavenCon staff. They’ve left you clues to help you discover the identity of the secret mastermind behind the vampire takeover. 

Scenario 2: Multiversal Mayhem

Our staff is hard at work on designing a new scenario for 2024! Stay tuned for more details…