In 2019, we added an Escape Room to the list of activities available at RavenCon. This year we’ll be bringing back one of our classic Escape Rooms and we’ll also run a second brand-new scenario.

You can sign up for either (or both) scenarios at the Registration Desk during the convention.

Scenario 1: Lost In Time

Our mad scientists on the Science Track have accidentally sent the RavenCon office back in time to the year 2006! You have to re-activate the remote time machine controls in under one hour before you create a paradox that could destroy all of time and space as we know it! Lucky for you, temporal inertia is real. Time wants to happen again the way it happened before; reality itself has re-aligned to make your goal easier for you. This realignment has manifested itself in the form of clues that will help you to re-establish the Prime Time Line.

Scenario 2: Multiversal Mayhem

Our staff is hard at work on designing a new scenario for 2025! Stay tuned for more details…