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Dimensional Riffs

Dimensional Riffs began as four geeks cracking jokes and cranking out tunes. After a while, they realized they were pretty good at it. Jenny, Kat, DJ, and Drew take their favorite sci-fi genres (Doctor Who, Firefly, etc.) and a bunch of other stuff from 21st-century geekdom and make them into songs. When they’re not rocking out in cons, they’re living, working, and laughing across southeastern Virginia—from Richmond to Suffolk.

DJ Drae

DJ Drae has been spinning at conventions, on the radio, and at clubs for over fifteen years. He got his start at a convention in 2005 as the lone DJ for their annual dance. Later that year he started on the club circuit by DJing at the goth club The Dawning in Charlottesville and shortly after that joined WNRN as a host of Les Temps Per Due, a weekly ’80s and ’90s alternative-themed radio show. Since that time he has continued hosting his radio show on WNRN and entertained at other club nights in the Charlottesville area. In 2016, he was one of the founding members of Goth Night in Charlottesville as one of the house DJs there. DJ Drae has spun at several different clubs and goth nights and has also continued spinning on the con circuit at various cons around Virginia. He spins a mix of new/classic Goth, Industrial, Synthpop, and Alternative catered specifically to whatever theme or crowd he’s presented with for the event he is spinning and loves to play requests. DJ Drae can be found at

Dr. Kat Sinclair Fenter

Dr. Kat Sinclair Fenter completed her B.S. in Biotechnology at JMU with a minor in Theater and a Ph.D. in Microbiology at VCU. She currently teaches Biology at Christopher Newport University, Virginia Wesleyan University, and Tidewater Community College. Her academic research included Drosophila genetics, biofilms and microbes involved in periodontal disease, and bacteriophages. In her free time, she also sings with the Doorway Singers, Hampton Roads’ one-of-a-kind quartet singing group, is the choir director at Temple Beth Chaverim, and you may have seen her this weekend or at other conventions as a singer in Dimensional Riffs, the spectacular nerd rock band.

DJ McGuire

A Jersey bass player who fell for a Virginia author, DJ has been a cost estimator and project manager for various federal government contractors for over 20 years. When he’s not singing or playing bass with his friends in Nefarious Ferrets and Dimensional Riffs, DJ also teaches economics at his local community college. His solo albums (including Goldsmiths’ Gambit and Starfleet Program Manager) are available at

Nefarious Ferrets & Crossroads Project Gemini

The Nefarious Ferrets are Frank and Donna Parker of NC. Meeting each other in 2006, at ConCarolinas, they realized they had many things in common: science fiction, a love of music, and ferrets. A match made in fandom, they married at ConCarolinas 2007.

AtomaCon 2017, they “adopted” bass player DJ McGuire from VA—“The second-best bass player in my own damn band (The Dimensional Riffs)”. He makes a fantastic addition to the group.

Performing as the Nefarious Ferrets since 2009, they have performed at the Geek Gala, ConCarolinas Filk Circles, and the Georgia Filk Convention (GaFilk 2X10s). They have also started filming Star Trek fan films as Crossroads Project Gemini. You can find them on YouTube as No Budget Productions/FilkFerret Productions.

Chuck Parker

A performer for more than 35 years, Chuck Parker has filled many musical roles: heavy metal guitarist, singer/songwriter, jazz sideman, open mic host, filk circle regular, session player, and World’s Okayest Bassist™.

Chuck has been a regular on the con circuit for more than a decade, and he’s played ballrooms, biergartens, and backyards all over the country, both as a solo performer and as the bassist for wizard rock icons The Blibbering Humdingers. He plays slice-of-life, confessional geek tunes that are often kind of funny, and his lyrics have been called “sensitive”, “literate”, and “hard to sing…”

He is also a published poet, avid cyclist, spouse, father, and herder of cats, both figuratively and literally.

His music may be found at, and his musings at

Devo Spice

Devo Spice is a nerdy comedy rapper from New Jersey who has been called “the red-headed stepson of ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and Eminem.” Over funky beats with crisp, clear vocals Devo raps about technology, Doctor Who, life’s daily frustrations, and even ridiculous suggestions sent in by his fans.

Devo Spice has become a popular artist on The Dr. Demento Show, the weekly comedy show that launched “Weird Al” Yankovic’s career. Devo has had a total of ten #1 songs on the show and many more Top 10 and Funny Five hits. In 2019, Devo had his third #1 song of the year with “Spider Verses,” and in 2020 “WAPC (Wet-Ass Pussy Cat)” hit the #1 slot for August. That, plus some other appearances, made it the 4th most requested song of 2020.

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