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Rhiannon’s Lark

Music Guest of Honor

Have you ever wanted to hear a Disney princess singing about the things you love… board games, ninjas, and krakens? Rhiannon’s Lark is happy to make your wish come true. This geek-goddess-girl tackles everything from t-rexes to moral dilemmas with insightful lyrics, gorgeous vocals, and gentle humor. Creator Alyssa Yeager has been touring the festival and convention circuits since 2007, bringing her unique perspective and small orchestra of instruments to appreciative crowds at GenCon, Starwood, DragonCon, and many more.

Dirty Metal Lefty

A native of Richmond, VA, Dirty Metal Lefty comes “Straight Out of Nowhere” with an eclectic, heterogeneous blend of dark, soulful alternative rock with blues, metal, and jazz undertones. Acoustic or electric; solo or band; this devil-may-care singer-songwriter is unapologetic, raw, and never disappoints.

“I make noise. People seem to dig it. That’s good enough for me.”


DJ Drae

DJ Drae has been spinning since 2005. He has entertained at club nights at The Dawning, Umlaut, and Goth Night in Charlottesville, as well as Beyond the Crypt in Roanoke, Noodleheads in Culpeper, and Fallout in Richmond. He has been the host of Les Temps Per Due on WNRN since 2005. He has also entertained at multiple sci-fi conventions in Virginia including RavenCon.

DJ McGuire

A Jersey bass player who fell for a Virginia author, DJ has been a cost estimator and project manager for various federal government contractors for over twenty years. When he’s not singing or playing bass with his friends in Nefarious Ferrets and Dimensional Riffs, DJ also teaches economics at his local community college. His solo albums are available at

Nefarious Ferrets

The Nefarious Ferrets are Frank and Donna Parker of North Carolina. Meeting each other in 2006, at ConCarolinas, they realized they had many things in common: science fiction, a love of music, and ferrets. A match made in fandom, they married at ConCarolinas 2007.

At AtomaCon 2017, they “adopted” bass player D.J. McGuire from Virginia—“The second-best bass player in my own damn band (Dimensional Riffs).” He makes a fantastic addition to the group.

Performing as the Nefarious Ferrets since 2009, they have performed at the Geek Gala, ConCarolinas Filk Circles, and the Georgia Filk Convention (GaFilk 2X10s). They were the 2017 Filk Guests at AtomaCon in Charleston, SC and returning performers at RavenCon 2009 and 2019, ConCarolinas 2018, and ConGregate, as well as participating in house filks throughout the Carolinas.

Saturn Death Cult

Join us on our journey to Saturn in the 31st millennium on our crumbling ship, fueled by riffs. Takeoff will begin shortly.

Devo Spice

Devo Spice is a nerdy comedy rapper from New Jersey who has been called “the red-headed stepson of ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and Eminem.” He performs regularly across the country at science fiction conventions, music clubs, and comedy clubs. His live show features videos and animations synchronized with the music.

Devo Spice has become a popular artist on The Dr. Demento Show. Devo has had ten #1 songs on the show. In 2007—while still performing as “Sudden Death,” the comedy-rap group he founded—Devo held the #1, #2, and #4 positions for most requested songs of the year, and was a guest vocalist on song #5.

The Anarchist’s Jokebook, his newest album, includes several songs which were hits on The Dr. Demento Show, including “Nothin’ but Truth,” “Gravity Is Stupid,” and “Spider Verses,” the #1 most requested song of 2019.

The Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award for Excellence in Comedy Music is awarded each year and Devo Spice has won four of them. In 2015, Devo won for “Snack Bar” (parody) and in 2018 he won for “Just for You” (original). Then in 2021, he won two more awards. “Zoom Meeting” (parody) and “Spider Verses” (video).

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