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Ellen Datlow

Ellen Datlow has been editing sf/f/h short fiction for four decades. She currently acquires short stories and novellas for Tor.com and Nightfire. She has edited numerous anthologies for adults, young adults, and children, including The Best Horror of the Year annual series, When Things Get Dark: Stories inspired by Shirley Jackson, Screams From the Dark: 19 Tales of Monsters and the Monstrous, and Christmas and Other Horrors. She’s won multiple Locus, Hugo, Stoker, International Horror Guild, Shirley Jackson, and World Fantasy Awards plus the 2012 Il Posto Nero Black Spot Award for Excellence as Best Foreign Editor. Datlow was named the recipient of the 2007 Karl Edward Wagner Award, given at the British Fantasy Convention for “outstanding contribution to the genre” and was honored with the Life Achievement Award given by the Horror Writers Association, in acknowledgment of superior achievement over an entire career and honored with the World Fantasy Life Achievement Award at the 2014 World Fantasy Convention. The Shirley Jackson Awards, Inc. recently presented her with a special award in recognition of the anthology When Things Get Dark: Stories inspired by Shirley Jackson (Titan Books, 2021).

She runs the Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading series in the east village, NYC, with Matthew Kressel. She can be found on the website Datlow.com, and on Twitter and Facebook (google her).

Jason T. Graves

Jason is a writer of words, a doodler of drawings, and fixer of other peoples’ words and doodles. Many years ago, he founded Prospective Press. Before that, he slogged through University and earned a Master of Science degree in the Arcana of Genetics. Oh, and he was once punched—lightly—by Muhammad Ali. You should ask him about that last one, because no one ever does.

The Halfling and the Spaceman

Roger and Janet Carden are the husband-and-wife team behind The Halfling and the Spaceman: Journeys Into Active Fandom (2022-present). The Halfling and the Spaceman is a podcast featuring a series of conversations with creators as they detail their personal journey from being inspired by fandom to becoming creators in their own right.

In addition, the Cardens also publish Crimson Streets. Crimson Streets (2016–present) is an online magazine and associated anthology series dedicated to fiction in the style of the pulp magazines of yesteryear, focused on fast-paced stories of action, adventure, and intrigue, from hard-boiled detectives and dangerous dames, to bold aviators and unspeakable horrors.

Before starting Crimson Streets, Roger and Janet worked with a team which published The Familiar (1988–1998), a professional print magazine dedicated to role-playing and adventure games.

Roger is a co-founder of the Game Publishers Association and an early supporter and member of CAR-PGa, the Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games. Both enjoy playing “let’s pretend” with their friends via tabletop role-playing games. Janet is a fan of mystery and crime novels, whereas Roger is a fan of classic science-fiction and fantasy. They both really enjoy genre movies; the good ones—and the really, really bad ones.

John G. Hartness

John G. Hartness is a teller of tales, a righter of wrong, defender of ladies’ virtues, and some people call him Maurice, for he speaks of the pompatus of love. He is also the award-winning author of the urban fantasy series The Black Knight Chronicles, the Bubba the Monster Hunter comedic horror series, the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter dark fantasy series, and many other projects. He is also the founder of the SAGA genre fiction writing conference, where people can learn about the craft of writing compelling stories and the business of making money with them.

In 2016, John teamed up with several other publishing industry professionals to create Falstaff Books, a small press dedicated to publishing the best of genre fiction’s “misfit toys.” Falstaff Books has since published over 250 titles with authors ranging from first-timers to NY Times bestsellers, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

In his copious free time John enjoys long walks on the beach, rescuing kittens from trees, and playing Magic: the Gathering. John’s pronouns are he/him.

Monica Louzon

Monica Louzon (she/her) is a queer writer, translator, and editor from Maryland. Her short fiction, poems, essays, and translations have appeared in over 25 publications across six countries, and her story “9 Dystopias” was a Best Microfiction of 2023 winner. Monica has co-edited three anthologies of speculative fiction, founded the MOSF Journal of Science Fiction, and served as Acquiring Editor for The Dread Machine for three years. She is currently Chair for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA)’s History Committee. You can learn more about Monica’s works at linktr.ee/molowrites, or visit her at monicalouzon.com.

Gray Rinehart

Gray Rinehart writes science fiction and fantasy stories, songs, and… other things. He is the only person to have commanded an Air Force satellite tracking station, written speeches for Presidential appointees, devised a poetic form, and had music on The Dr. Demento Show. He is currently a contributing editor (the “Slushmaster General”) for Baen Books.

Gray is the author of the lunar colonization novel Walking on the Sea of Clouds, and his short fiction has appeared in Analog Science Fiction & Fact, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, and multiple anthologies. As a singer/songwriter, he has three albums which feature science-fiction-and-fantasy-inspired music.

During his unusual USAF career, Gray fought rocket propellant fires, refurbished space launch facilities, “flew” Milstar satellites, drove trucks, encrypted nuclear command and control orders, commanded the largest remote tracking station in the Air Force Satellite Control Network, and did other interesting things. His alter ego is the Gray Man, one of several famed ghosts of South Carolina’s Grand Strand, and his web site is graymanwrites.com.

Mike Jack Stoumbos

Mike Jack Stoumbos is an author and educator, living with his wife, parrot, and puppy in Virginia. He is best known for his space opera novel series This Fine Crew and as a 1st-place Writers of the Future winner (2022). His work appears in anthologies from Zombies Need Brains, WordFire Press, and Camden Park Press, among others. Mike Jack is the lead editor of WonderBird Press and the Unhelpful Encyclopedia anthology series, featuring Murderbirds and Murderbugs.

You can find him at MikeJackStoumbos.com.

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