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Carol Cowles

Carol has long been a fixture of geek culture in Charlotte, NC. She has served for several years as the Programming Director for ConCarolinas and worked at the Carolina and Arizona Renaissance Festivals for 15 years. She also podcasts—she is The Cinemistress on Geek Radio Daily, Carol the Cat on Guardians of the Geekery, and one-half of Refried Scenes on The Poprika Network. She is also on Terrible Movies with Wonderful People—a Sunday night Twitch watch party hosted by O_Hai_Mark. When she is not podcasting she is reading, writing, or crafting. If you have trouble locating her, check your local cineplex, as movie theatres are her second home. Her fandoms include all things Tolkien, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, horror, and lots and lots of tea.

You can find her on the interwebs at,,, and

Sean Gleeson

Sean is one of the hosts of the podcast Doctor Who’s That?, wherein he takes a friend who has never seen Doctor Who through the show, starting from the very beginning. He’s proud to claim that the podcast is now listened to by tens of people! Other than Doctor Who, Sean is a big fan of horror movies, regularly hosting horror movie marathons.

Wanda Harward

Wanda Harward is a member of The Charlotte Geeks team (, assisting founder Joey Starnes and Carol Cowles with the Geek Gala, Muggles Market, con going, and other shenanigans as required. Her geeky interests include anime, Japanese fashion (decora), filk music, renaissance faires, and gaming (online and tabletop). She DMs a twice monthly D&D 5e group currently.

Professionally, Wanda is a life coach and tarot reader ( who specializes in coaching for geeks and gamers. She has been reading Tarot for over twenty years, professionally since 2017. She has been a tarot reader for many Charlotte, NC events and locations, including The Bag Lady, Carolina Renaissance Festival, Get Some Game, MarsCon, local conventions, and Providence Country Club.

Sean Heare

Denizen of Mid-Atlantic sci-fi and anime fandom for over three decades, Sean Heare is a first-time guest at RavenCon. He’ll be hosting his new quiz show, Alien Peril, where three abductees are placed in jeopardy providing geeky trivia questions to answers posed on the peril board. The aliens award the winner tens of dollars in prizes. When he’s not experimenting with his fellow congoers, Sean plays role-playing games, messes with computers, watches bad sci-fi, and breaks things—professionally and as a hobby.

O. Hai Mark

O. Hai Mark is an old-school geek, software engineer by day and voracious pop culture consumer by night. He is a shadowcaster, sometime actor and blogger, contributor to Geek Radio Daily, a regular streamer, and an online social activities director. Currently, he hosts weekly online game nights, monthly online karaoke nights, and DJs for GRD’s monthly poker nights. O. Hai hosts a weekly movie stream called Terrible Movies with Wonderful People where he and a panel of regular guests watch and discuss the oft-maligned but still fun movies that are the mainstay of late-night cable, creature features, and riffers.

Rebel Legion & 501st Legion

We are LFL’s preferred Star Wars costuming clubs. The Rebel Legion represents the “Good Guys” and the 501st Legion represents the “Bad Guys.” We do charity and community events all over the world dressed as Star Wars characters.

Joey Starnes

aka GiddyGeeker

Joey Starnes (aka the GiddyGeeker) does not claim to be an expert on all geekeries—she’s just happy to organize them. She runs the Charlotte Geeks, home of the Guardians of the Geekery podcast, the Geek Gala, and the Muggles Market. Her main geekdoms include Doctor Who, Marvel, Star Wars, board games, WoW, and most anything British. She also has a slight obsession with HGTV, Food Network, and TikTok. She’s mostly prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse but is always willing to upgrade her bug-out bag contents. She has yet to build up an immunity to iocane powder. When not scooting from con to con, she’s blissfully ensconced on the couch with her dog Angel and her husband Matt. You can find her in all the places by searching for @giddygeeker, but it may be easiest to start at


Syrinx has been on the stage of entertainment since 1996 with various bands, theater groups, movie productions, conventions, trivia nights, and haunted attractions. The spotlight shines brighter on his DJ career which started on the radio in 2009. His weekly mix show currently airs on OutWorld Fleet Radio and is also syndicated on Roundtown Radio. He was also signed to Tigersquawk Records in 2017 with his group Khionik (with Brian Graupner of The Gothsicles) and also as a solo artist and a remixer for his labelmates. He can also be seen on Twitch taking part in music festivals, parties, raids, and benefits.

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