Deviant Angel Imagery

Angel has always had a camera since middle school. She loves to photograph landscapes and nature, and people and their pets, too! She started out many years ago with school portraits and for the past five years, has been working as a church directory photographer. Angel loves to travel and those travels have taken her to 21 states, and Australia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries.

So why Deviant Angel? Deviant can describe anything outside of the normal. What is normal anyway? Aren’t we all just a little “off” in our own ways? That “off-ness” is what makes us unique, what makes us who we really are. Angel believes that portraits don’t have to be “normal” either. There are so many eras to explore that can bring a spark to the photographic world—Victorian steampunk, the Roaring Twenties, space opera… You love Star Wars, so why not dress up as Jedi masters and their Padawans? Or have portraits done with your Trek crew?

Angel loves seeing quirky photographs of people and loves to help fans achieve their own quirky portraits. In the digital age, she is eager to explore the use of digital backgrounds and A.I. Enhancements and how they can further the photographic industry.