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Kristi Deeley

Kristi Deeley is an artist, photographer, crafter, avid DIYer, and unabashed second-generation nerd. She can often be found curled up with a book or comic book, binging her favorite shows with a ball of yarn and a crochet hook, building or breaking something in the back yard, rolling fat fistfuls of dice, hunting shinies, or streaming her latest project on Twitch at ungodly hours of the night. Kristi lives in Newport News with her brilliant writer husband Jim, their five kitties, and, like, a bunch of hermit crabs.

Heidi Hooper

Heidi Hooper is the Dryer Lint Lady—believe it or not! Her work can be seen in museums and galleries around the world, including Ripley’s Believe it or Not museums. You may have also seen her on ABC TV’s To Tell The Truth show recently with Mel Brooks. A graduate of VCU and the Massachusetts College of Art, she is also a master costumer who has competed and judged at the Worldcon level. Consumer Reports calls her “The Andy Warhol of Dryer Lint” but you can call her Heidi.

Chris Impink

Chris Impink has been illustrating webcomics for over ten years. His latest project is Sledgebunny: a sports-anime-inspired comic that takes place in the fast-paced world of flat-track roller derby. This follows on the heels of Fragile Gravity, a strip that featured independent comics, conventions, and an invasion of penguins from space. He’s also worked with conventions in the DC area for over twenty years, including Katsucon, where his Iron Artitst competition provided some of the inspiration for Super Art Fight. He created the Wheel of Death, for a time held the Tag Team title as a member of Team Impact. His work has also been seen in The Babylon Project role-playing game, and Antarctic Press’ Mangazine and Ninja High School anthologies.

Nikole McDonald-Jones

Nikole McDonald-Jones–a.k.a Spooni* or Zerospoonz in some circles–is an Artist… of many disciplines. She is a classically trained operatic singer and pianist, is a practicing linguist of five languages, a trained dancer and choreographer, and holds a BFA in Illustration and Kinetic Imagery. She currently works for Ubisoft by day and on the off hours records VoiceOver work, creates internet content and develops for side gaming projects such as Skywind.

Before relocating to Raleigh, NC, she worked with Yellowhouse and DarkLondon Films on area productions as a fight choreographer & props manager for many stunts and actor fight reels and was the voice of the Red Rocks Music Festival.

You can find any and all of her works all across the internet but she is mostly found on Instagram or either live streaming on her Official Twitch & Youtube channels.

Maya Preisler

Maya Preisler has been creating art and telling stories since she was old enough to hold a pen, writing and illustrating her first science fiction novel at age eight. Her art has been featured on book covers, convention badges, and in numerous art shows. She recently published her first novel: The Laws of Entanglement. She currently works as the social media and marketing person for Mocha Memoirs Press. Learn more at and

Bob Snare

Bob has been involved in fandom for over thirty years, as an artist, con runner, department head, con chair, and all-around raconteur. He currently works professionally as an editor for and can be found sharing smoky, peaty single-malts where such things are consumed.

Tangent Artists

IN A WORLD… where brother fought brother, elf fought dwarf, narwhal fought robot, teacup piglet fought guy with a horse mask, one webcomic company rose above the sea of internet memes to form a single unit—a unit that called themselves… The Avengers. But as it turns out “The Avengers” was a name already under copyright, so they renamed themselves Tangent Artists. Thus begat the creation of two comic series: The macabre comedy, Skeleton Crew, the celebration of nerd life, Donuts for Looking, and the Swords & Sorcery & Sarcasm series, CRIT! Updated weekly. Then the unthinkable happened, they published The Handbook for Saucy Bards which became an instant hit! It was followed by the rest of the equally popular Guild Guides and now you know…the rest of the story.

This year we’re celebrating the release of our first novel, Must Love Dragons, based on our hit webcomic CRIT! Stay tuned for party info!

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