Authors, artists, filkers, costumers, scientists, podcasters, editors, publishers… We strive to book new and interesting guests every year. Here’s our guest list for this year…

If you’re interested in being part of the RavenCon family in April, please apply to become one of our guests!

Guests of Honor:


Author GOH

Esther Friesner

Special GOH

Count Gore De Vol

Special Author Guest

Charles Pellegrino

Programming Guests:

Jennifer Allen

Charity Ayres

Dr. J. “Cal” Baldari

Sandra Baldari

JM Beal

Jim Beall

R.S. Belcher

Ted Bethune

Rachel A. Brune

Samantha Bryant

Krista Cagg

Jason Ray Carney

Sammie Cassell

Chiki Cosplay

Cassandra Rose Clarke

Abby Cordes

Carol Cowles

Ann Davis

Dr. Ben Davis

Dimensional Riffs

John Dimes
aka Doctor Sarcofiguy

Mourning Dove

DJ Drae

Dr. Anthony El-Khouri

Dr. Kat Sinclair Fenter

Billy Flynn


E.L. Fortner, Jr.

James F. Gaines

John M. Gaines

Angela Giddings

Tina Glasneck

L.R. Gould

Jude-Marie Green

Kelly Griffiths

Ashley R. Hall

Dave Harlequin

Wanda Harward

Morgan Hazelwood

Sean Heare

A.L. Kaplan

Miss Kitten

Sean CW Korsgaard

Debbie Manber Kupfer

Joshua LeHuray

Nathan Vernon Madison

O. Hai Mark

Alex Matsuo

James Maxey

DJ McGuire

Mike Mollman

Cass Morris

Diana Mozingo-Gorman

Bill Mulligan

Nefarious Ferrets/
Crossroads Project Gemini

Theresa Newbrough

Bishop O’Connell

Candi O’Rourke, WHNP-BC

Chuck Parker

Phillip Pournelle

Jennifer R. Povey

Maya Preisler

Angela Pritchett

Rebel Legion & 501st Legion

Gray Rinehart

Brent Roeder

Semetary Cosplay

Chris Semtner

Hildy Silverman

Travis I. Sivart

J.M. Snyder

Devo Spice

Joey Starnes
aka GiddyGeeker


Mike Jack Stoumbos 

Mary Terrani

Dr. Bob Tesla

Toi Thomas

Angel Vaughn
Deviant Angel Imagery

Daniel Wallace

Robert E. Waters

Joan Wendland

Steve White


Guest list subject to change.