Gary Cohn

For over twenty years Gary Cohn’s business card has read, “writer, teacher, fencer, motorcyclist.” He says that he has had two careers as a comics writer. The first was in the early eighties, when he co-created Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld and Blue Devil at DC Comics. His second comics career came a dozen years later, when he got aboard the Crusade Entertainment bandwagon early on, editing Shi and writing Shi: Senryaku as well as his own Demon Gun. In the 2000s Cohn spent fifteen years as a NYC high school teacher and fencing coach. Now he has retired from teaching and is exploring options for a return to writing.

Current projects include New Devil, with Blue Devil co-creator Paris Cullins, and Nemesis, with former NYC teaching colleague and BronxHeroes Con founder Ray Felix. A recent transplant to Richmond, VA, Cohn looks forward to creating opportunities to let his imagination run.