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Heidi Hooper

Heidi Hooper is known as “the Dryer Lint Lady” for the ornate work she does with the material. Her work has been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not books and museums around the world, and Consumer Reports has called her “The Andy Warhol of Dryer Lint.” She has won two Niche Awards for her work and has appeared on ABC TV’s To Tell The Truth where celebrities like Mel Brooks had to guess who the real dryer lint artist was, and more recently on Access Hollywood.

She received her Sculpture degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, and her Masters from the Massachusetts College of Art (where she also taught for some time).

Her web page is HeidiHooper.com.


Krys has been dabbling with paint formulation lifelong; 32 more than Van Gogh sold and counting.

Nikole McDonald-Jones

Nikole McDonald-Jones–a.k.a Spooni* in some circles–is an artistic and technical professional in the entertainment industry. She produces and directs works for industry professionals, musicians, publishing houses, magazines, both tabletop and video gaming studios, and internet professionals. She is a holder of a BFA in Illustration and Kinetic Imagery, a classically trained multilingual operatic singer and pianist, a trained dancer and choreographer, and an avid martial artist.

She is mostly known for her illustrative works highlighting a deep understanding of cinematics, rich kinetic storytelling, detailed costuming, and dramatic lighting. All of which have been influenced by her love of fashion design; exploitation and HKcinema; Wuxia; pulp fiction comics; native, Eastern-Asian, and African Cultures; street racing, and her faith.

Originally from Richmond, VA, she is currently based in what is rapidly being considered the “Second Silicon Valley”—“The Triangle,” located in central NC, surrounded by top game studios, creative studios, and tech giants. She also works internationally (however, since the Covid-19 outbreak her travel has slowed).

Her unique blend of expertise has landed her various roles in the entertainment industry with major companies, including Ubisoft, YellowHouse Films, Image Comics, DC, and more

Her story “A Tale of Peach-Blossomed Hems and Opal Rain” will be available in CORVID-19: The Second Wave. You can find any and all of her works all across the internet but she is mostly found on Instagram or live streaming via her official YouTube Channel.

Angel Vaughn

Deviant Angel Imagery

Angel has always had a camera since middle school. She loves to photograph landscapes and nature, and people and their pets, too! She started out many years ago with school portraits and for the past five years, has been working as a church directory photographer. Angel loves to travel and those travels have taken her to 21 states, and Australia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries.

So why Deviant Angel? Deviant can describe anything outside of the normal. What is normal anyway? Aren’t we all just a little “off” in our own ways? That “off-ness” is what makes us unique, what makes us who we really are. Angel believes that portraits don’t have to be “normal” either. There are so many eras to explore that can bring a spark to the photographic world—Victorian steampunk, the Roaring Twenties, space opera… You love Star Wars, so why not dress up as Jedi masters and their Padawans? Or have portraits done with your Trek crew?

Angel loves seeing quirky photographs of people and loves to help fans achieve their own quirky portraits. In the digital age, she is eager to explore the use of digital backgrounds and A.I. Enhancements and how they can further the photographic industry.

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