Sean CW Korsgaard

Sean CW Korsgaard is a US Army veteran, historian, award-winning journalist, and aspiring speculative fiction author. 

As a reporter, he’s had over 1,000 bylines to his name, including from websites like Screen Rant and io9, magazines like VFW Magazine, and newspapers including the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Daily Press. His work has seen him interview two US Presidents, Holocaust survivors, and Swedish metal bands, caught in the thick of riots, jumping out of airplanes, and even attacked by a shark in downtown Atlanta.

Currently working as the education and sports reporter for the Virginia Gazette here in Williamsburg, Sean is working to shop around some of his short fiction, and to finish an alternate history spy novel set in a Confederate States of America that has undergone a communist revolution.

Sean is always looking for his next great adventure and his next big byline, and you can follow him and his work at