If you’d like to contact a member of the RavenCon staff, please click on their title. You can also find helpful bios for each person by clicking on their name. If you’re interested in becoming a staff member, please contact the Convention Chair. General questions can be directed to Information. If you’re interested in becoming a programming guest, vendor, or cosplayer, please fill out the appropriate application on the Applications page. We’re always on the lookout for new talent at RavenCon!

Convention Chair Michael D. Pederson
Art Show Paul Blotkamp
Vanora Hagen
Krissie Hadley
Artist & Author Alley Kara Dennison
Audio/Visual Mark Layne
Awards Lee Gilliland
Charity Auction Crystal Smalling
Beverly Smalling
Convention Operations Bill Truesdale
Con Suite Kieron Torres
Cosplay/Masquerade Angela Pritchett
Dealers Room Anita Bruckert
Crystal Smalling
Entertainment Alex Taylor
Fan Clubs Doris Manning
Fan Tables Butch Allen
Film Competition Wade Cutrell
Gaming Shadow Harmon
Nick Barnett
Aaron D’Angelo
Galen Slinkard
General Staff Liz Albitz
Carla Brindle
Leslie Danenberger
Alexis Gilliland
Bill Lemmond
Michael Lewis
Beverley Peterson-Allen
Bob Snare
Erwin “Filthy Pierre” Strauss
Amanda Taylor
Mike Vann
Guests Crystal Ritchie
High School Outreach Michael Winslow
Hotel Alex Taylor
Kid’s Programming Mr. Cat
Youie Thiaw
Programming Jennifer Hancock
Adam Seats
Lelia Taylor
Promotions Carl Kesner
Cheryl Jones
Publicity Carl Kesner
Cheryl Jones
Registration Doris Manning
Barbara deBary-Kesner
Christine Hendrickson
Bill Phillips
Sched Jett Micheyl Dixon
Volunteers Anita Bruckert
Crystal Smalling
Donal von Griffyn
Website Doris Manning
Joshua “Bear” Davis
Michael D. Pederson