Wanda Harward is a member of The Charlotte Geeks, assisting Joey Starnes and Carol Cowles with Geek Gala, The Geekery Market (formerly Muggles Market), and other shenanigans as required. Her geeky interests include anime, filk music, renaissance faires, and gaming (online and tabletop). She runs a twice monthly D&D 5e group presently. She has been attending cons off and on since the 80s, and consistently since 2006. Professionally, Wanda is a retired social worker, current tarot reader, and life coach (findingthekeytarot.com/ ). She has been reading tarot for over 2​5​ years (professionally since 2017)​. She has been a tarot reader for many events and locations, including Carolina Renaissance Festival, ​The Geekery Market​,​ SagaCon, ConCarolinas, ConGregate, and professional events.