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Doug Burbey

Doug Burbey, author of the Blood War urban fantasy series, is constantly preparing to: repel the demon hordes, slay zombies, brew beer, and defeat the insidious plots of the bureaucratic machinery. Doug grew up in Asia as a military brat and went to college in Michigan. He then served in numerous Army positions and wars around the world before retiring in 2014. Doug is now an advanced military technology development program manager by day, specializing in cyber electronic warfare and network defenses, and author by night. With muddy boots and a cold beer in hand, he spends his spring/summer weekends as a gentleman farmer tending to his hops vines and apple orchard. Doug’s books can all be found on Amazon. Get even more information on the current and future releases at dougburbey.com or badashpublishing.com.

Steve Murphy

Meet Steve Murphy, an accomplished writer with a passion for storytelling. Together with his co-writer, Paul Barrett, Steve has successfully published three novels, while their fourth is currently undergoing developmental edits. They also have three exciting projects in the pipeline, showcasing their creative prowess. Notably, their collaborative screenplays have garnered recognition in esteemed national competitions, demonstrating their ability to captivate audiences on the big screen.

Steve’s life journey has taken him through various uniformed roles, instilling in him a strong sense of duty. Beginning with a four-year stint in the Navy as a Gunners Mate Missiles (GMM), he earned commendations such as the Navy Expeditionary Medal and Navy Unit Commendation. Building on this foundation, he transitioned to the Army, serving as a forward observer (FIST) for two years. Later, Steve dedicated 23 years of his life as a police officer in Charlotte, NC, with an impressive 14 years spent on the SWAT team, nine of which were as a skilled sniper.

Film production is not unfamiliar territory for Steve, who has embraced diverse roles in the industry. He has served as a military/law consultant on numerous projects, lending his expertise to ensure authenticity. Additionally, his experience as a set dresser for films and a lighting technician in live theater has honed his craft behind the scenes.

Beyond his professional achievements, Steve cherishes his role as a devoted father to two grown sons. Currently residing on a serene North Carolina farm, he shares his life with his loving wife, two dogs, and an elusive feline companion, adding a touch of mystery to his idyllic surroundings.

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