E.L. Fortner is a voice-over performer, artist, actor, author, scriptwriter, producer, director, lyric and music composer, music producer, and photographer with years of experience in these industries.

He has 25+ years of experience programming video games, starting in the early to mid-eighties—working for Apple while in high school. He also developed one of the first gaming BBSs in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region.

During the 80s and early ’90s, he honed his skills as a semi-professional gamer. On Saturday, August 10th, 2013, he received an award for his work in the video gaming industry, and his visage was adorned on one of Twin Galaxies’ familiar video game trading cards.

He has worked on projects across the above industries, ranging from indie games and voiceovers to music to independent productions in film and television. His projects have allowed him to work for industry giants like Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, Marvel, and many others. Edwards’s favorite and most memorable project to date has been voicing characters on the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. He has also voiced several characters in the audio horror series Tales from Beyond, Volume 2.

He has performed in the theater and in both film and television projects, appeared in the American Revolution period drama, TURN on AMC, wrote a TV pilot entitled Experiment Kelly, and directed the TV show Wishes. He has also completed three different 48-hour film festivals and one of the films he worked on advanced to the finals.

He is currently completing his second book titled, Dreams of Reality. His new studio company, Tanuki Productions, was formed in 2022.