Ashley has spent the last fifteen years working in international and domestic film, television, and politics. As a screenwriter, she received accolades for her 2020 horror feature screenplay, The Cure. She was also hired to write short narrative trailers for the Something Wicked and Something Wonderful Music Festival. These films were released both to a live audience of more than 200,000 and on YouTube where they received over 150,000 views.

Ashley’s range of experience includes working in television as a post production coordinator for shows like Psych, Castle and Complications, writing and producing an international podcast, Square Peg, which now has 150,000 downloads, international work (the Australian sci-fi television pilot Soulkeeper starring Lachlan James), independent films (Sympathetic Details starring the cast of HBO’s The Wire) and comedy. For five years, she performed stand up, making regular appearances at Westside Theater and the Comedy Store in LA.

Ashley has done speech rewrites for congressional candidates, and twice appeared on NPR Weekend Edition. She has also worked professionally on five campaigns as a regional organizing director and campaign manager. She’s originally from outside of Richmond, VA and received her B.A. in Communications and Film at Virginia Tech. She loves her dog, her family, cooking, traveling and going to Gwarbar.