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Party Tsar /
Signage Director

MrShirt has worked conventions from coast to coast and even internationally. He’s been everything from a volunteer to a Worldcon Division Head, and even chaired a convention or two… or three or four. If you ask nicely, he may even tell you why he’s called MrShirt.

He’s insane, but he’s getting better. He’s been taking a break from non-stop con running, but it won’t last. He’ll be running cons again. In the meantime, he volunteers to work for the occasional convention.

Stacey Helton

Party Tsar / Signage Director

Originally from San Diego, where she worked on several cons in Southern California, she moved to Pennsylvania after marrying an East Coast fan and is now working on various cons on the East Coast. She has done Publications for numerous conventions on both coasts, chaired Conjecture 2008 and Lunacon 2010 and 2012, Hotel Liaison for Lunacon 2009-2014, Deputy Department Head for the Con Suite at Renovation, Deputy Department Head for the Staff Den at Denvention 3, and ran the Hugo Losers’ Party at Chicon 7 on behalf of LoneStarCon 3.

Mr. Cat

Mr. Cat

Kid’s Programming

M. Angel Catalá spent the past quarter century educating humans of all ages one way or another, while also creating thought-provoking works of art in multiple genres. Better known as Mr. Cat, he continues to develop a reputation for cutting-edge and highly engaging educational experiences—each a blend of his passion for provoking knowledge and unmatched creativity.


Anita Bruckert

Anita BruckertVice Chair

Anita is a multi-media artist who has enjoyed RavenCon from day one, and has progressively become more involved.

In her art, she has exhibited in galleries throughout the Central New York and Adirondack region, Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Richmond, VA. As a henna artist, she has covered the feet, hands, and backs of local Richmonders.

Aside from her that, she spent many years in theater, working primarily behind the scenes designing sets and costumes. She worked on the sets for A Midsummer Nights’s Dream, Sleeping Beauty or Coma, Anything Goes, The Sound of Music, Little Shop of Horrors, and All in the Timing to name a few. She now makes costumes just for herself and friends, and focuses more on her artwork, and working with the cast members of Charming Underclothes in Roanoke, VA as she plays Magenta.

The boring info: she has several degrees; Fine and Performing Art, Studio Art, and Curriculum Design and Instruction. She is a certified corporate trainer and is a practicing licensed Optician and Arbonne Consultant.



Donal Griffyn

Donal has been in volunteering at conventions since 1989 and in the late 90s was chosen to be Assistant Volunteer Coordinator for DASFA’s Mile High Con. His professional career includes working with many game developers and special effects designers as part of the Games Quarterly Catalog team, DreamPark LLC, and the Ghost Town Productions haunted houses. After almost a decade absent from conventions, Donal has returned to donate his time to RavenCon. Outside of conventions he enjoys restoring and modifying older cars, racing them locally, and investigating emergent technologies for reduced-impact living.

Doris Manning

Doris Manning
Registration Director

After many years of working behind the scenes for another science-fiction and fantasy convention, I promised myself I was going to take a break from doing anything more than being a regular con-goer. As you can see, that promise didn’t last very long because here I am as RavenCon’s Registration Director.


Cheryl Jones

Cheryl JonesFan Table Director

“Starfleet utilized a little known reactivation clause. In other words, Admiral, they drafted me!” —Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Yes, this is how it all began. I, a past commander of the USS Chesapeake, was drafted by the current captain to join RavenCon.

I am Cheryl Lynn “Chessie” Jones, and I am the Fan Table Director for RavenCon.



Dealers’ Room Director

I have volunteered at conventions for over fifteen years. I was president of the USS Chesapeake (a chapter of Starfleet International) in Richmond for eight years, now I’m second in command. The Chesapeake is a non-profit charity organization that supports Ronald McDonald House, the Battered Women’s Shelter, and other charities in the Richmond area.

Crystal Ritchie

Crystal Ritchie
Science Track Director

Crystal Ritchie is a convention veteran. She is constantly networking and mixing with con-goers all across the South. Her mission is to find out who they are reading, what topics they are interested in, and who they would like to see as Guests of Honor at their “dream convention”. When she isn’t in con-mode, she can often be found acting as hostess at the Baen Barfly’s Hospitality suite.

Kieron Torres

Con Suite Director

I was the person who sat in the Con Suite and other places around RavenCon 2007 with a dremel and carved images on beer glasses for the Guests of Honor. I helped Lee Gilliland man the Con Suite for the first two RavenCons and took over as Director in 2008. I am back this year to once again provide a nice ambiance for food, chatting, and maybe another power tool. Well, at least another craft. In any case, I hope to provide a welcoming Con Suite for taking a break between activities and enhancing your convention experience. If you have any thoughts and suggestions, please email me.



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