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Santiago Cirilo

US Army Infantry veteran, actor, author, screenwriter, and producer.

Abby Cordes

Abby Cordes is a graduate of Biola University’s Screenwriting program. She is passionate about both the consumption and creation of science fiction and fantasy. As a biology minor and a laboratory employee, Cordes also possesses a scientific background and a desire to share STEM knowledge with others. Her ultimate dream is to write for edutainment television. For the time being, she is dedicated to all things fandom, from writing fanfiction to donning cosplay to serving as a panelist at Mysticon for four years. This is her first year at RavenCon. Cordes lives in Colonial Beach, VA, with her husband Josh, and her parrot, Gloria.

Ashley R. Hall

Ashley works in international and domestic film, television, and politics.

As a working screenwriter, she has several packaged pilots, features, and award-winning specs, and received many accolades for her horror feature screenplay, The Cure. She was also hired to write short narrative films for the Something Wicked and Something Wonderful Music Festival. These films were released both to a live audience of more than 200,000 and on YouTube where they received over 150,000 views.

Working in television as a post-production coordinator for shows like Psych, Castle, and Complications, Ashley worked with established directors and forged ties at major studios and networks like ABC Disney, Universal, Fox, and USA. On all three of these shows, she worked closely with managers, agents, and actors to manage ADR and had the opportunity to direct ADR for two television episodes.

Ashley’s range of experience includes writing and producing an international, serialized, non-fiction podcast, Square Peg, (squarepegpodcast.com), independent films (Sympathetic Details starring the cast of HBO’s The Wire), live sports (The Golf Channel), and comedy. For five years, she performed stand-up, making regular appearances at Westside Theater and the Comedy Store in LA.

Ashley wrote an Op/Ed that was chosen as Correspondent of the Day for Nov. 1, 2018, Richmond Times–Dispatch, and she currently sits as the Head of Political Strategy for the Hanover Democratic Committee of Virginia where she regularly addresses audiences of 300-500 people and the head of the Political Committee for the Hanover NAACP and twice appeared on NPR’s Weekend Edition.

In her political work, she specializes in rural Democratic campaigns in Virginia and has worked as a campaign manager and deputy field director for state senate, presidential primary, House of Delegates, and Congressional campaigns.

Ashley’s originally from Hanover, VA, and received her B.A. in Communications and Film at Virginia Tech. She loves her dog and her family, cooking, traveling, and going to Gwarbar.

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