An unapologetic extrovert, science fiction and fantasy author Sara T. Bond is the author of the space opera Gravity’s Heir and Summer’s Blood, the first book in the Iron and Earth urban fantasy series from Falstaff Books. She has lived many lives, dabbling in political research, campaign management, and even a short, lucrative career in high-end fashion retail. Writing about the fantastic and improbable allows Sara to cut through the lies we tell ourselves to better uncover the deeply personal and political stories about how we reconcile our inner truths with our communities, our pasts, and our deepest selves.

(That’s just fancy talk to say she uses fiction to uncover truth.)

Born and raised in Atlanta, Sara now lives in Seattle with her husband and two children who moonlight as advanced agents of chaos. Catch her on TikTok or visit her website at for her latest projects, essays, and even a book review and cocktail pairings blog series.