April 26-28, 2024 – Richmond, VA

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Meri Elena

Meri Elena is a North Carolina speculative fiction writer, mostly dark fantasy and paranormal. She published her first short story when she was fourteen. She has now published two novels in her young adult urban fantasy series, Nightfall and Blood Magik, in addition to a smattering of short stories. Two of those are in Prospective Press’s Off the Beaten Path anthologies. She also has a biweekly blog, Encyclopaedia Felidae, about all things feline. She lives with two rescue cats, Joon and Wednesday.

Jason T. Graves

Jason is a writer of words, a doodler of drawings, and fixer of other peoples’ words and doodles. Many years ago, he founded Prospective Press. Before that, he slogged through University and earned a Master of Science degree in the Arcana of Genetics. Oh, and he was once punched—lightly—by Muhammad Ali. You should ask him about that last one, because no one ever does.

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