Pamela K. Kinney long ago gave up trying ignore the voices in her head and has written horror, fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and nonfiction ghost and cryptid books and stories ever since. Her horror short story, “Bottled Spirits,” was runner-up for the 2013 WSFA Small Press Award and is considered one of the seven best genre short fiction pieces for that year. Her horror, fantasy, and science fiction stories, poetry and nonfiction articles have been published in various anthologies and magazines. She has an urban fantasy novel, a science fiction novella, five nonfiction ghost books, and a nonfiction book about shapeshifting cryptids in the United States. Her poem, “Dementia,” was featured in the HWA Poetry Showcase, Vol. VII, and received a mention in Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 13. Originally published in 2012, “Dementia” was recently reprinted in a new eldritch anthology, Terror at Miskatonic Falls, released in January 2024 (Cemetery Dance Publications). She has a story and a poem in another new horror anthology, Haunted Zone, released in March 2024 (Tundra Swan Press); the anthology features stories and poetry by women military veterans.

Pamela and her husband live with one crazy black cat (who thinks she should take precedence over her mistress’s writing most days). Along with writing, Pamela has acted on stage and film and investigates the paranormal for episodes of Paranormal World Seekers for AVA Productions. She is a member of Horror Writers Association, Virginia Writers Club, and James River Writers. You can learn more about her at