Charity Ayres is a former Navy IT turned English teacher with a 17-year-old child (despite the fact that she refuses to age past 29). Ayres has a supposedly unhealthy obsession with coffee (she sees nothing wrong with it) and loves to bake but not eat any of the goodies she bakes with the intent of eventual world domination. Ayres is a high school teacher, college professor, and esports coach, and does all things wordy or nerdy with her schools.

If you have a diverse palette for reading, pick up any of her long or short works. She writes adventurous tales mixed with humorous murder and mayhem—because death done creatively is always fun. Her worlds are fantastical but mixed with history, mythology, and science. Recent works include short stories in The Valkyries Initiative and It Came From the Trailer Park, as well as the novels MadCap and Loki Bound.