Krista has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. In fact, her very first fantasy short story was hand-written and edited by her high school English teacher. It wasn’t until 2011, however, that she self-published her first book. Then came a second. Then she realized how much work self-publishing is, and that she needed something like 52 hours in a day, and a Rockefeller bank account to keep it up. Those two books went on to traditional publishing.

Then 2020 happened and everything went to hell. No conventions to peddle at. No day job. No market. What’s a writer to do?! Enter side gigs! People locked inside gotta read. Writers with no budget gotta write. That was when she discovered the very real need for ghostwriters.

Romance. Horror. Sci-Fi. Mystery. Pick a genre, she’s written in it. Best of all, she got paid! No more bugging agents and publishers in hopes they’ll like her work. No more hoping for a good advance and/or royalty deal. She’s writing. Every day. Full time. And getting paid a living wage for it! No one knows she’s the writer behind the curtain, but that’s not important. She has repeat clients, and she loves what she does!

Which all was well timed. A recent diagnosis of a tremor that is progressively getting worse keeps her from doing other things she loves: art and photography. Writing is her sole creative outlet now. But she can take your idea, your story, and your characters and make them fly!