Elizabeth walked into a science meeting at the Rhine Research Center in Durham seven years ago and her life hasn’t been the same since. By day, she is a moderately mannered clinical laboratory technician, but her nights are spent studying the poorly understood abilities of the mind, consciousness, and reality as we know it. She is writing a series about a telepathic teen named Calliope O’Callahan for the young adults who may be struggling to understand their unusual abilities. Much of what is in the series has actually been studied as true phenomena and is an accurate portrayal of real psychic experiences. Elizabeth is a board member of the Rhine Research Center and a volunteer for the New Thinking Allowed Foundation. She is a copy editor for the Journal of Parapsychology and the New Thinking Allowed series of books from White Crow publishing. She also has a parapsychology blog psysyndicate.com/ which complements her series of novels. Her book Calliope O’Callahan and the Psy Syndicate is available on Amazon under the pen name Tantlian.