Smashbcosplay has been dubbed “The First Family of Cosplay” and they’ve taken Virginia by storm; competing in and winning numerous group competitions. The group consists of Smash (costumer), Matt (prop master), and their three toddlers. Smash is the face of the group and has also gone on to compete out of state. As a group, they’re best known as the Dragon Family for their Game of Thrones cosplay.  Smash is mostly known for her Darth Maulmmy OC, as well as IndiAnna Jones, and most recently Porco Rosso. The group has a deep love for fantasy and sci-fi, which is a common theme in their cosplays. Smash enjoys sharing her love of public speaking by hosting fun panels such as Cosplay with Younglings, Making Connections at Conventions, and Con Prep for Families. Constantly churning out new cosplays, they continue to explore different conventions and are looking forward to being guests at RavenCon and furthering their community with fantasy and sci-fi lovers.