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Day Al-Mohamed

Day Al-Mohamed is an author, filmmaker, and disability policy advisor. Day has written two novels, Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn and more recently, The Labyrinth’s Archivist as well as multiple short stories and articles. She is a regular host on Idobi Radio’s Geek Girl Riot with a weekly audience of 100k+ listeners and a Founding Member of FWD-Doc (Documentary Filmmakers with Disabilities).

Her documentary, The Invalid Corps, about disabled Civil War soldiers, was licensed to Alaska Airlines and had its broadcast premiere on public television in 2020. She is currently working on a docu-series, Renegades, about role-breaking disabled leaders in history for American Masters/PBS digital, and is a proud producer of the feature documentary Unseen (POV, 2024). Day was named a DOC NYC 2021 Documentary New Leader and was part of the NBC 2022 Original Voices Fellowship class.

Outside of her creative work, Day is a policy expert with over 15 years of experience. The former White House Director of Disability Policy, she is a proven leader in inclusion and accessibility, policy development, organizational transformation, and innovative program design.

Day lives in Washington, DC with her wife, N.R. Brown, and her guide dog, Gamma.

Sammie Cassell

Sammie is a North Carolina-based actor/filmmaker and comedian. He can be seen in big features (Halloween Kills), TV shows (Righteous Gemstones) or Indy films all over the east coast. He’s also known as Sammie the Comic Book Man, where he goes to schools and libraries and encourages kids to read, especially comic books. Doing comedy out of the Idiot Box in Greensboro, NC is a fairly new passion but no less enjoyable. Performing with the house improv troupe and the Channel 53 Sketch group, Sammie has learned an all-new aspect to performing. Check all his activities out at Sammie Cassell on any of the socials or at Wreakhavocproductions.com.

Brian Cory Dobbs

Brian Cory Dobbs is an award-winning filmmaker, award-winning screenwriter, songwriter, recording artist, and web strategist. He recently released Blue Planet Red, an award-winning film on the history, evidence for life, and catastrophes that contributed to the death of Mars. See more of his work at BrianDobbs.com.

O. Hai Mark

O. Hai Mark is a twitch streamer, blogger, and podcaster that loves the oft-maligned movies that are considered terrible by other people’s standards. He streams Magic: The Gathering and other content most days of the week, hosts a weekly web show on terrible movies, and blogs about life as a geek. In addition, he has added short film producer to his bio this year, with two films making the festival circuit in 2024.

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