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Dimensional Riffs

Dimensional Riffs began as four geeks cracking jokes and cranking out tunes. After a while, they realized they were pretty good at it. Jenny, Kat, DJ, and Drew take their favorite sci-fi genres (Doctor Who, Firefly, etc.) and a bunch of other stuff from 21st-century geekdom and make them into songs. When they’re not rocking out in cons, they’re living, working, and laughing across southeastern Virginia—from Richmond to Suffolk.

DJ McGuire

A Jersey bass player who fell for a Virginia author, DJ has been a cost estimator and project manager for various federal government contractors for over 20 years. When he’s not singing or playing bass with his friends in Nefarious Ferrets and Dimensional Riffs, DJ also teaches economics at his local community college. His solo albums (including Goldsmiths’ Gambit and Starfleet Program Manager) are available at djmcguire1.Bandcamp.com.

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