The Nefarious Ferrets are Frank and Donna Parker of NC. Meeting each other in 2006, at ConCarolinas, they realized they had many things in common: science fiction, a love of music, and ferrets. A match made in fandom, they married at ConCarolinas 2007.

AtomaCon 2017, they “adopted” bass player DJ McGuire from VA—“The second-best bass player in my own damn band (The Dimensional Riffs)”. He makes a fantastic addition to the group.

Performing as the Nefarious Ferrets since 2009, they have performed at the Geek Gala, ConCarolinas Filk Circles, and the Georgia Filk Convention (GaFilk 2X10s). They have also started filming Star Trek fan films as Crossroads Project Gemini. You can find them on YouTube as No Budget Productions/FilkFerret Productions.