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Mourning Dove

I am so excited to have the honor of being a cosplay guest for the first time since I began going to conventions in 2018. I have been cosplaying since 2018 and I have gone to various conventions in Virginia as well as North Carolina. Along with being a cosplayer, I have also been a cast member of two different Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow casts. I have cosplayed various characters including Emma Frost from the X-Men, Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, and many others. As for Rocky Horror, I have performed as Magenta, Janet, Colombia, Rocky, and Frank-N-Furter. I am so honored to have this opportunity.

Nikole McDonald-Jones

Nikole McDonald-Jones–a.k.a Spooni* in some circles–is an artistic and technical professional in the entertainment industry. She produces and directs works for industry professionals, musicians, publishing houses, magazines, both tabletop and video gaming studios, and internet professionals. She is a holder of a BFA in Illustration and Kinetic Imagery, a classically trained multilingual operatic singer and pianist, a trained dancer and choreographer, and an avid martial artist.

She is mostly known for her illustrative works highlighting a deep understanding of cinematics, rich kinetic storytelling, detailed costuming, and dramatic lighting. All of which have been influenced by her love of fashion design; exploitation and HKcinema; Wuxia; pulp fiction comics; native, Eastern-Asian, and African Cultures; street racing, and her faith.

Originally from Richmond, VA, she is currently based in what is rapidly being considered the “Second Silicon Valley”—“The Triangle,” located in central NC, surrounded by top game studios, creative studios, and tech giants. She also works internationally (however, since the Covid-19 outbreak her travel has slowed).

Her unique blend of expertise has landed her various roles in the entertainment industry with major companies, including Ubisoft, YellowHouse Films, Image Comics, DC, and more

Her story “A Tale of Peach-Blossomed Hems and Opal Rain” will be available in CORVID-19: The Second Wave. You can find any and all of her works all across the internet but she is mostly found on Instagram or live streaming via her official YouTube Channel.

Angela Pritchett

Angela Pritchett is an actress, author, musician, costumer, podcaster, and makeup artist. She has been seen in films such as Plan 9, the Porkchop film trilogy, TV shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy, and most recently the JG Wentworth Commercial!

Angela is an avid cosplayer and has been making her own costumes for the last twenty years. Her costumes have been featured in the Washington Post, as well as various Japanese magazines and coffee table books.

Angela plays geeky and spooky music with her ukulele. She posts videos of her music on your Youtube channel “Angela Plays Ukulele”. Her videos have been featured in Ukulele Magazine, Horror Society, and many other news outlets.

Angela is the author of Shut Up and Eat! The Unofficial Doctor Who Cookbook Series, she has also been featured in numerous short story anthologies and books with essays on different topics in fandoms like Dr. Who and Star Trek.

Angela went to UNC Greensboro and has a BS in Music Education and a Masters in Liberal Studies and Ethnomusicology. She does the podcasting segment “A Geek Girl’s Take” which can be heard weekly on the Earth Station One Network, and when she has free time she spends it sewing or playing with her Pugs.

Rebel Legion & 501st Legion

We are LFL’s preferred Star Wars costuming clubs. The Rebel Legion represents the “Good Guys” and the 501st Legion represents the “Bad Guys.” We do charity and community events all over the world dressed as Star Wars characters.

Semetary Cosplay

Semetary Cosplay is a Colorado-based cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2006 when he attended his first convention. Has created more than 300 costumes in his career, as well as does fashion and street modeling. Has traveled around the country promoting the concept that all cosplay is beautiful, no matter the fandom or skill level. As a trans*cosplayer, he is a representative of the LGBTQ+ and feels that cosplay was the outlet that most supported him in being his true self.


Hailing from somewhere beyond the stars, Stormraven spends her days thinking up cosplays, making resin decor, and spending hours on YouTube. She won Best Journeyman at RavenCon 2018 and had the honor of being a judge for the Masquerade at RavenCon 2019.

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