April 26-28, 2024 – Richmond, VA

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Diebreado & Sikecoz

We are Diebreado and Sikecoz, a cosplay duo who work together to bring creative freedom and art to life. Looking at our content, you’ll find we each have our own talents and approaches to cosplay yet we mend together well and have found a synergy that’s works great for us. With our talents combined, we feature a great mix of special wig styling, unique makeup and SFX, costume design, and individual style. We believe cosplay is a place for everyone to express themselves and it’s been such an honor to have such a lovely hobby blossom into a job for us. We hope to keep inspiring people and growing our content so we can give back to the same community we’ve fallen in love with!

Second Mourning Cosplay

Second Mourning Cosplay is a group of cosplayers that came together in 2023 to form one large cosplay group. Our members include costumers from every level of cosplay; from Masquerade winners to beginners who just do it for fun. RavenCon will be our very first convention as a group and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


Smashbcosplay has been dubbed “The First Family of Cosplay” and they’ve taken Virginia by storm; competing in and winning numerous group competitions. The group consists of Smash (costumer), Matt (prop master), and their three toddlers. Smash is the face of the group and has also gone on to compete out of state. As a group, they’re best known as the Dragon Family for their Game of Thrones cosplay.  Smash is mostly known for her Darth Maulmmy OC, as well as IndiAnna Jones, and most recently Porco Rosso. The group has a deep love for fantasy and sci-fi, which is a common theme in their cosplays. Smash enjoys sharing her love of public speaking by hosting fun panels such as Cosplay with Younglings, Making Connections at Conventions, and Con Prep for Families. Constantly churning out new cosplays, they continue to explore different conventions and are looking forward to being guests at RavenCon and furthering their community with fantasy and sci-fi lovers.

Lena Volkova

Lena Volkova is an award-winning costume designer, model, and actor from the DMV. Lena mostly spends her time as a costume arts educator and designer in the theatrical world. Most recently, her credits include Billy and George (Avant Bard), Urinetown (Workhouse Arts Center), Julius Caesar (Avant Bard), and Xanadu (Workhouse Arts Center). In addition to her work as a costume designer, she is also a scare actor and creative designer for the annual Workhouse Arts Haunted Trail. Lena also currently serves on the board of directors for DC Cosplay Photo Shoots, a photography and costume arts education nonprofit that serves the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area.

Lena has been a staple in the DMV’s cosplay community since 2016 and a media personality in the costume arts world since 2018. Previously, she was well-known within the South Texas cosplay and horror communities where she served as a celebrity judge for the Facial Hair League and community-driven philanthropic events. These days, Lena primarily focuses on arts education and is dedicated to empowering the cosplay community with educational opportunities, resources, and information. Lena’s primary goal is not only to help make costuming a mainstream hobby but also to educate people on the merits of costume-based work and to view costuming as a valid art form. In 2023, she curated an Art Exhibition at the Workhouse Arts Center, featuring selected works from DC Cosplay Photo Shoots’ members. The week-long gallery installation was the first of its kind and was the highlight of February 2023’s Second Saturday Art Walk. Lena and her mission and experiences as a costumer have previously been featured in CanvasRebel, Voyage Baltimore, and Metro Weekly magazines.

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