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Diana Bastine

Diana Bastine is the author of four YA fantasy novels, including the award-winning The Source and its sequels. They are also the co-editor (with Danielle Ackley-McPhail) of Gaslight and Grimm, a collection of steampunk versions of classic fairy and folk tales. Their story “Crows’ Feet” can be found in CORVID-19: A RavenCon Anthology.

Samantha Bryant

Samantha is best known for her Menopausal Superhero series of novels through Falstaff Books, well that and her banana bread. She writes heroes and horror stories, mostly featuring complicated women defying expectations. Her story “If the Moon Is Real” can be found in CORVID-19: A RavenCon Anthology. Check out her full catalog at bit.ly/SamanthaBryant or find her wasting time on Twitter and Instagram @samanthabwriter. If all else fails, check the woods. She likes to get lost there.

Jude-Marie Green

Jude-Marie Green has edited for Abyss & Apex with Wendy Delmater Thies, Noctem Aeternus with Michael Knost, and 10Flash Quarterly with K.C. Ball. She has sold short fiction online, to anthologies, and for podcasts, recently to Toasted Cake with Tina Connolly, The Colored Lens, and Daily Science Fiction. She won the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Older Writer’s Grant and attended Clarion West in 2010. Her story “Feeding the Crows” will be published in CORVID-19: The Second Wave. She lives in Southern California. More at her website: judemarie.wordpress.com

Debbie Manber Kupfer

Debbie Manber Kupfer grew up in London but somehow ended up in St. Louis, MO, where she lives with her family including two very opinionated felines. She works as a writer, editor, and puzzle constructor and is the author of the young adult fantasy series, P.A.W.S. Her puzzles have appeared in Penny Press and Dell magazines. Her story “Jenny” can be found in CORVID-19: A RavenCon Anthology. She believes that with enough tea and dark chocolate you can achieve anything!

Alex Matsuo

Alex Matsuo is a paranormal researcher, social media influencer, and author. She is the founder of the Association of Paranormal Study and runs The Spooky Stuff. If it’s weird, spooky, unusual, scary, macabre, or haunted, she wants to write and talk about it! Currently, she has over 140,000 followers on TikTok. Alex is known for her approach to the paranormal with a skeptical mind and for studying ghost lore through the lens of sociological context.

Alex was recently seen on the third season of Haunted Hospitals (Episode 12, “It Followed Me Home”). The episode can be seen on Discovery Plus!. She has also been seen on Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places in America. In addition, she is the host of the podcast, The Spooky Stuff. Alex has written several books about the paranormal including, The Hamptonville Hauntings: Ghosts of the Trivette Clinic, One Bed Over: A Hospital Haunting, The Brave Mortal’s Guide to Ghost Hunting, The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theatre, More than Ghosts: A Guide to Working Residential Cases in the Paranormal Field, and The Haunted Actor. Her story “The Bakemono” will appear in CORVID-19: The Second Wave.

Alex holds an MA in theatre from San Diego State University and currently resides in Arlington, VA. She has been featured on KPBS – San Diego, Fox News, and The Washington Post for her various endeavors. Finally, Alex is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution through her ancestor, Joseph Toler.

James Maxey

James Maxey’s mother warned him if he read too many comics they’d warp his mind. She was right! Unsuited for decent work, James ekes out a living writing down his demented fantasies. His 20+ books include Dragon Apocalypse, Bitterwood, Nobody Gets the Girl, and There is No Wheel. His story “Life in a Moment” can be found in CORVID-19: A RavenCon Anthology. James sums up everything he knows about writing in Write! Daydream, Type, Profit, Repeat! It’s a very skinny book.

Nikole McDonald-Jones

Nikole McDonald-Jones–a.k.a Spooni* in some circles–is an artistic and technical professional in the entertainment industry. She produces and directs works for industry professionals, musicians, publishing houses, magazines, both tabletop and video gaming studios, and internet professionals. She is a holder of a BFA in Illustration and Kinetic Imagery, a classically trained multilingual operatic singer and pianist, a trained dancer and choreographer, and an avid martial artist.

She is mostly known for her illustrative works highlighting a deep understanding of cinematics, rich kinetic storytelling, detailed costuming, and dramatic lighting. All of which have been influenced by her love of fashion design; exploitation and HKcinema; Wuxia; pulp fiction comics; native, Eastern-Asian, and African Cultures; street racing, and her faith.

Originally from Richmond, VA, she is currently based in what is rapidly being considered the “Second Silicon Valley”—“The Triangle,” located in central NC, surrounded by top game studios, creative studios, and tech giants. She also works internationally (however, since the Covid-19 outbreak her travel has slowed).

Her unique blend of expertise has landed her various roles in the entertainment industry with major companies, including Ubisoft, YellowHouse Films, Image Comics, DC, and more

Her story “A Tale of Peach-Blossomed Hems and Opal Rain” will be available in CORVID-19: The Second Wave. You can find any and all of her works all across the internet but she is mostly found on Instagram or live streaming via her official YouTube Channel.

Cass Morris

Cass Morris is a writer and research editor living in central Virginia. Her debut series, The Aven Cycle, is Roman-flavored historical fantasy. She is also one-third of the team behind the Hugo Award Finalist podcast Worldbuilding for Masochists. Her story “Corvus Monitus” can be found in CORVID-19: A RavenCon Anthology. Her novel, From Unseen Fire, was the 2019 winner of RavenCon’s Webster Award.

She currently holds the position of Research Editor and Worldbuilding Specialist at Plato Learning, a company that runs mythology-themed summer camps and other educational programming. From 2010 to 2017, she worked as Academic Resources Manager at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, VA. She holds a Master of Letters from Mary Baldwin University and a BA in English and History from the College of William and Mary. She reads voraciously, wears corsets voluntarily, and will beat you at Mario Kart.

Jennifer R. Povey

Born in Nottingham, England, Jennifer R. Povey (she/her) now lives in Northern Virginia, where she writes everything from heroic fantasy to stories for Analog. She has written a number of novels across multiple subgenres. She is a full member of SFWA. Her interests include horseback riding, Doctor Who, and attempting to out-weird her various friends and professional colleagues. Her story “A Warning of Crows” can be found in CORVID-19: A RavenCon Anthology.

Maya Preisler

Maya Preisler has been creating art and telling stories since they were old enough to hold a pen, writing and illustrating their first science fiction novel at age eight. Their art has been featured on book covers, convention badges, and in numerous art shows. Their professional credits include cover design, book layout and editing, video editing and special effects, podcasting, acting, illustration, IT professional, and political campaign manager. In 2020, they published their first novel: The Laws of Entanglement. Their story “Daughter of the Birds” can be found in CORVID-19: A RavenCon Anthology. Currently, Maya works as the Marketing Director for Mocha Memoirs Press. Learn more at mayarenee.com.

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