Kevin Urban was born in Springfield, MA, where he developed a love for voice acting at an early age. He started his career in 2013, working from his home studio and auditioning for various projects online. He soon landed his first big break, voicing the character “Korg” in the game “Marvel Avenger’s Academy” for the release of Thor: Ragnarok. He nailed the role with his humorous and friendly delivery, capturing the essence of the rock-like alien from the movie.

Since then, Urban has worked with many other brands and franchises, such as Nintendo, HCS Voice Packs, XCOM, and Fire Emblem. He has voiced characters ranging from sci-fi heroes to fantasy villains, from comic relief to serious drama. He has also collaborated with other voice actors and content creators, creating amazing voice packs and videos for fans to enjoy. Kevin also serves as an audiobook narrator for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, a popular iTunes podcast anthology series. In a happy coincidence for RavenCon, he has narrated several of Poe’s works for dramatization on different channels and avenues.

Kevin Urban is not only a skilled voice actor, but also a master of impressions. He can mimic the voices of celebrities and pop culture icons, such as He-Man, Thulsa Doom, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman, and many more. He has used his talent to create sound-alikes for various games and media, such as the Fox Digital mobile game “Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff.” He has showcased his impressions on his YouTube channel “KUrbzVO”, where he posts his original creations and collaborations with other content creators.