Michael A. Ventrella writes witty adventures like the Teddy Roosevelt steampunk novel Big Stick and the Terin Ostler fantasy series. He’s edited over a dozen anthologies, including Release the Virgins, Three Time Travelers Walk Into… and the Baker Street Irregulars series (with Jonathan Maberry). He has nonfiction books about The Beatles and The Monkees, and with Pulitzer Prize winner Darrin Bell, How to Argue the Constitution With a Conservative. He’s hosted the masquerade at both Philcon and Lunacon and regularly hosts Eye of Argon readings (as well as recently editing an anthology with the further adventures of Grignr the Barbarian). He’s one of the founders of one of the largest LARP groups in North America, and was founder and editor of Animato magazine in the 80s. A Richmond native and VCU graduate, he now lives in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with his artist wife Heidi Hooper and four spoiled cats. In his spare time, he is an attorney. His web page is MichaelAVentrella.com.