Dr. Cal Baldari is a retired U.S. Army Sapper and military instructor turned professor of ethics. His research credits include alternative military ethics, Aristotelian excellence, moral conflict in literature, implicit bias mitigation, modern heroics, RPG morality, and many others. He has published both academically and creatively, with author credits in short military science fiction and fantasy, as well as several peer-reviewed articles on philosophy. As an avid tabletop role-player, Cal has run games for over a dozen systems professionally, and many more for fun. As the owner of BEC Ltd., he provides expert services for authors, game designers, and comics writers; advising on ethical dilemmas and the consequences both within the stories they write and the effect it has on the reader. Finally, Cal is firmly entrenched in the battle to bring diversity and inclusivity to fandom. His academic work on implicit bias often references the broadening of “geek culture” as exemplary and the awesome efforts many geeks have put forward to make this hobby one that everyone, absolutely everyone, can enjoy with impunity.