Carrie is the host of the Unicorn Company Podcast and a gaming community organizer. Over her career as an organizer she has been a founding member of, was a founding member and editor for print products from, and a member of the Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team and other organizations. She uses her podcast to cover a small corner of the gaming community; bringing attention to women in gaming, LGBTQ gamers, the issues they face, and as a platform to fundraise for the Trevor Project, having raised over $15,000 in two years.

In addition to running a podcast she is a commission-based miniature painter, having had her work featured on IronWind Metals website in their online product catalog. She also has experience in competitive tabletop gaming, having won multiple competitions in both of these. Carrie is also a 3D printing enthusiast, having experience in both FDM and resin printing.