If you’re interested in displaying your artwork at RavenCon, here is all of the Art Show Information that you’ll need. You can apply to the Art Show by filling out our Artist Registration Form. Once your application has been accepted our Art Show Staff will email you copies of the Control Sheets and Bid Sheets for you to fill out. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the Art Show, please contact the Art Show Director.

Artist Information

1. All entries must be original work by the artist. 

  • This does not include computer art or photographs; a print of the original work is acceptable. Only one (1) copy of any print is allowed in the Art Show. If said print is available in the Dealers’ Room or the Artists’ Alley, it may not be entered into the Art Show. Exception: if an open edition of a print is for sale elsewhere (including the Print Shop), one copy of a limited edition of the same print may be allowed in the Art Show. 
  • If a piece was created by a collaboration of artists, that piece may be entered by any of the collaborators.
  • In addition to the bidding section of the Art Show, we will also have a Print Shop. Prints are defined as photoprints of artwork originally done in another media, photocopies, and/or commercially produced multi-lithographic copies.

2. Display spaces will be allocated as 2’x4′ panels and 3’x18″ tables.

  • Each artist (other than the AGOH) will be restricted to four (4) spaces maximum. The spaces can be reserved as any combination of panels and/or tables. The Artist Guest(s) of Honor may have more space allocated at the discretion of the Art Show Director. Display space must include room for the bid sheet to be attached to each piece. The display space must be arranged so that it does not overlap with another artist’s display space. Floor space for large stand-up 3-D art can be arranged; contact the Art Show Director by email prior to the convention about any special display needs.
  • We use 2’x6′ gridwall panels for hanging art. We consider the bottom 2 feet to be “overflow” space, so the effective panel size is 2 feet wide by 4 feet high. We have a limited amount of table space for 3D art (jewelry, sculpture, etc). We use standard 6’x18″ hotel tables and allocate the space in 3-foot by 18-inch sections.

3. Space is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Space may be requested prior to the convention by filling out our Art Show Registration Form. The deadline for submitting art is 12 PM (Noon) on Saturday of the convention. If there is still space at noon, submissions may be accepted until all available space is filled.
  • Space will not be automatically reserved for an attending Artist Guest; only Artist Guests who state that they will be displaying work in the Art Show will have reserved space. Reserved space will not be held past the deadline unless prior arrangements are made through Guest Relations and the Art Show Director. No space will be held past pre-arranged late check-in times. Pre-paid fees will not be refunded.

4. A limited number of not-for-sale (NFS) items will be accepted. 

  • No more than half (50%) of the submitted body of work may be marked as NFS.
  • We also allow Quick Sale (aka “Buy It Now”) prices to be listed in addition to the minimum bid. (The Art Show Staff will provide red stickers to be placed on the bid sheets for Not-For-Sale items.)

5. The Art Show Staff reserves the right to refuse any artwork. 

  • Artwork that is judged to be plagiarized, sexually explicit, or highly graphic will not be permitted. Artwork that contains tasteful/discreet nudity will be permitted. The Art Show Director is the final arbiter on what is permissible.
  • We are fairly open-minded and will accept almost any style of art. The show is not juried in any way, but we do reserve the right to refuse any artwork. We are family-friendly; nudity is fine, but explicit is discouraged.

6. No photography will be permitted in the Art Show. 

  • This is not to say that photography cannot be displayed as artwork, only that video recording of any kind is prohibited within the Art Show. Certain exemptions to this rule may be made—artists are allowed to make an archive of their own work, with the prior consent of the Art Show Director.
  • Accredited Press or Convention Staff, with permission from the convention chairman or the Art Show Director, and the individual artist, may be allowed to use footage of the Art Show for publicity or insurance purposes.

7. RavenCon does accept mail-in art.

  • An artist may submit work directly to the Art Show Director, who will act as the artist’s agent; contact the Art Show Director by email for details. An artist may also designate someone who will be attending the convention as their agent, to submit work on their behalf. The designated agent must bring a letter of authorization with the name and signature of both the artist and the agent. The agent must also provide valid photo identification when checking the art into the show. Artists who are attending the convention in person should not specify an agent on their registration form.

8. The Art Show does not provide insurance coverage. 

  • Artists should have their own property insurance, especially when submitting art via an agent.
  • The Art Show Staff will do all they can to prevent theft and/or damage to artwork during the day. The room will be locked overnight.

9. The Art Show does not provide display cases. 

  • Please provide your own display case if you are submitting hand-crafted jewelry or other items that you consider to be highly valuable and/or easy to steal. See above.

10. Artists (or their agents) will hang/display their own artwork. 

  • Helpers can be provided upon request. Hardware (hooks and clips) will be provided for hanging pictures on the panels. All 2-D artwork must be matted and/or framed prior to the convention. Framed art must have hanging wire or hooks attached to the back of the frame. The Art Show does not provide matting or framing materials.

11. Art may be checked out of the Art Show after the Art Auction. 

  • Special arrangements may be made with the Art Show Director prior to the convention for earlier checkout. Art that is not reclaimed by the time the Art Show shuts down on Sunday will become the property of the convention. Arrangements can be made to have the art returned; the artist will be responsible for all shipping and/or insurance costs, and the art will not be sent until such payments are received.

12. Payment for sold art will be made by check. 

  • Where possible, attending artists will be paid in cash for sold art (minus commission) at the con.
  • Mail-in artists may be paid by Paypal when possible. Otherwise, checks will be made out to the name specified on the registration form and will be mailed out approximately four weeks after the convention.

13. There are no fees for submitting art to the Art Show. 

  • The Art Show collects a 10% commission on sold art. No commission is taken if the sale total is less than $10.
  • Entry into the Art Show does not include a membership to the convention. Attending artists (or their agents) must purchase a full weekend membership. If you’re an attending Artist, we recommend that you participate in convention programming to receive a free badge.

Further Information

Everything you need to know about the Art Show can be found on these pages: