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Margaret L. Carter

Reading Dracula at the age of twelve ignited Margaret L. Carter’s interest in a wide range of speculative fiction and inspired her to become a writer. Vampires, however, have always remained close to her heart. Her first published book was an anthology of vampire stories she edited, Curse of the Undead. Her work on vampirism in literature includes Dracula: The Vampire and the Critics, The Vampire in Literature: A Critical Bibliography, and Different Blood: The Vampire as Alien. She holds a Ph.D. in English, and her dissertation contained a chapter on Dracula. In fiction, she has written horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance on vampires, werewolves, Lovecraftian entities, and other “monsters.” Her stories have appeared in various webzines and anthologies, including several of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover and Sword and Sorceress volumes. Her vampire novels include Dark Changeling and its sequel, Child of Twilight, now available in an omnibus edition, Twilight’s Changelings, as well as several vampire romances. With her husband, Leslie Roy Carter, she co-authored a fantasy series beginning with Wild Sorceress. Her most recent publication, Kappa Companion, is a light paranormal romance novella inspired by Japanese folklore.

Sarah Cass

Sarah Cass and Mary Terrani have been writing together for over ten years. One of them residing in Virginia and the other in Florida hasn’t stopped them or their passion to blow up the world to apocalyptic proportions. Together they have written Escaping Humanity and Chaos Theory, the first two books in The Exceptionals Series. When they aren’t fiddling with DNA or trying to figure out how to put back together a broken world, they both have other worlds they like to play in. Shifters, witches, demons or even a trip back to the 1800s, with a little romance on the side draws them down a myriad of rabbit holes.

Dirty Metal Lefty

A native of Richmond, VA, Dirty Metal Lefty comes “Straight Out of Nowhere” with an eclectic, heterogeneous blend of dark, soulful alternative rock with blues, metal, and jazz undertones. Acoustic or electric; solo or band; this devil-may-care singer-songwriter is unapologetic, raw, and never disappoints.

“I make noise. People seem to dig it. That’s good enough for me.”


Carl Cipra

Carl started reading F&SF in his pre-teen years and has been hooked ever since. He became involved with fandom back in the 1970s (by way of the SCA in Southern California) and is one of the founding members of Lambda Sci-Fi: DC Area Gaylaxians. He really enjoys moderating discussion panels at conventions and is looking forward to participating in RavenCon again this year. Mundanely, Carl is the program manager for instructor-training in a much-maligned, three-letter government agency.

Denise Clemons

Denise is a speculative poet and science fiction writer with a special interest in how food informs character, creates conflict, and propels plot. She conducts interactive writing workshops on several topics, including world-building through the process of feeding inhabitants of speculative worlds. She is a regular guest at SF conventions because she is always willing to moderate panels. Denise is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and has published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in journals, chapbooks, and anthologies.

Jack Clemons

Jack Clemons is a published author with a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He was an engineer and team leader on NASA’s Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs. He also appeared in the “Command Module” segment of Moon Machines, the Discovery Science Channel’s award-winning six-part documentary about the Apollo Program, and in the National Geographic Channel documentary Apollo: Back To The Moon.

His award-winning book Safely to Earth: The Men and Women Who Brought the Astronauts Home, a memoir of his time on NASA’s Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, was published by University Press of Florida in September 2018.

He has authored several works of historical fiction and science fiction and is an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. 

In 2018, he was awarded an Established Artist Fellowship Grant for Literary Fiction by the Delaware Division of the Arts for his short stories that are based on his hidden-history novel, The Outliers (Secant Publishing, 2021). 

Jack is a frequent speaker at events across the Mid-Atlantic region—including RavenCon, Balticon, and the SFWA tent at the Baltimore Book Festival. Topics he covers include the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, science, science fiction, and historical fiction. He also does readings from The Outliers at these and other venues.

Carol Cowles

Carol has long been a guardian of Geek Culture in Charlotte. She is currently the Cinemistress on Geek Radio Daily and Carol the Cat on Guardians of the Geekery podcast. She served for over 14 years as the Program Director for ConCarolinas and helped launch the Carolina Renaissance Festival (and worked its sister festival in Arizona) for 15 years. She also is known for her fabulous crafting and ferocious literary appetite. Her fandoms include all things Tolkein, Doctor Who, horror, British melodramas and skulls—lots of skulls.

Crimson Streets

Roger and Janet Carden are the husband and wife team behind Crimson Streets (2016–present), an online magazine dedicated to fiction in the style of the pulp magazines of yesteryear. They focus on fast-paced stories of action, adventure, and intrigue; from hard-boiled detectives and dangerous dames, to bold aviators and unspeakable horrors. Before starting Crimson Streets, both Roger and Janet worked with a team which published The Familiar (1988–1998), a professional print magazine dedicated to role-playing and adventure games. Roger is a co-founder of the Game Publishers Association, as well as an early supporter and member of CARPGa, the Committee for the Advancement or Role-Playing Games. Both enjoy playing “let’s pretend” with their friends via tabletop role-playing games, Janet is a fan of mystery and crime novels, whereas Roger is a fan of classic science-fiction and fantasy. They both really enjoy genre movies; the good ones… and the really, really bad ones.

Michael D’Ambrosio

Michael, a lifelong resident of Philadelphia, has been writing novels and screenplays for twenty years now. He is celebrating the release of Space Truckers — Adventures of the Blue Eagle, the first book in his new Space Truckers series. Much of Michael’s recent time has been dedicated to the screenplays where Space Truckers, Night Creeps and Princess Pain won or placed in contests while currently under consideration of several production companies. Michael has participated in over a hundred sci-fi/fantasy/horror and multi-genre conventions across the country. Visit his website at for more on his projects and appearances.

Dr. Ben Davis

Ben Davis has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics and an M.S. in Nuclear Astrophysics from the University of Notre Dame. His career has included software development and industrial controls engineering (robot programming and electronics are truly as fun as they seem). As a lifelong fan of science fiction, his main avocations now involve history, futurism, and skepticism. He is semi-retired and works as a college professor. “Dr. Ben” lectures on a number of subjects ranging from computer programming and math to, of course, astronomy and physics. When not traveling with his wife, playing with his dogs, climbing rocks, or attending cons, he spends his spare time pondering general relativity, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and more recently, the science of explosives. Sometimes, he hunts for true psychics, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomenon to no avail.

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