“Like GWAR and the B-52’s had babies that were raised by Buck Rogers.” –Vexine

League of Space Pirates are an interstellar crew of rebel rockers on a mission to save the universe from the clutches of the sinister Übercorp. This seven-piece band of scallywags seamlessly blends high-energy 25th-century rock-n-roll with a theatrical flair, offering an unforgettable multi-dimensional experience.

When they’re not broadcasting from their tourship, the League makes periodic stops at their favorite rest stop—planet Earth—delivering an otherworldly spectacle that transports audiences to the far reaches of the cosmos. It’s an immersive experience where each performance is a thrilling chapter in the ongoing battle against Übercorp.

Founded by visionary artist Noah Scalin, League of Space Pirates isn’t just a band—it’s an expansive collaborative universe that extends their cosmic escapades beyond the stage into internet broadcasts, novels, comic books, and more.