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Count Gore De Vol

Count Gore De Vol began his career of hosting horror movies in 1973 on WDCA-TV in Washington, DC. In 1998, he took his program to the Internet, becoming the first horror host to do so. In 2018, he created his own Roku Channel, Count Gore De Vol Presents providing ten new video offerings every month.

Count Gore is played by actor Dick Dyszel, who also produces the program. He has appeared in several feature films including, The Alien Factor, Nightbeast, and Galaxy Invader, and was the subject of a feature length documentary on his career called Every Other Day is Halloween now available on an extended Blu-Ray.

Sammie Cassell

Sammie is a North Carolina-based actor/filmmaker and comedian. He can be seen in big features (Halloween Kills), TV shows (Righteous Gemstones) or Indy films all over the east coast. He’s also known as Sammie the Comic Book Man, where he goes to schools and libraries and encourages kids to read, especially comic books. Doing comedy out of the Idiot Box in Greensboro, NC is a fairly new passion but no less enjoyable. Performing with the house improv troupe and the Channel 53 Sketch group, Sammie has learned an all-new aspect to performing. Check all his activities out at Sammie Cassell on any of the socials or at Wreakhavocproductions.com.

John Dimes aka Doctor Sarcofiguy

John Dimes aka Doctor Sarcofiguy is an illustrator/animator/actor/radio show host/horror host/writer and many other slashes that he can’t seem to remember right now. Oh, yeah, he is part of the Horror Host Hall of Fame. He is extremely humble, because he believes in “Humility Through Humiliation.”

Angela Pritchett

Angela Pritchett is an actress, author, musician, costumer, podcaster, and makeup artist. She can been seen in films (Plan 9 and the Porkchop trilogy), television (Bill Nye the Science Guy), and commercials (JG Wentworth!).

Angela is an avid cosplayer and has been making her own costumes for over twenty years. Her costumes have been featured in the Washington Post, as well as various Japanese magazines and coffee table books.

She plays geeky and spooky music with her ukulele and posts videos of her music on her Youtube channel Angela Plays Ukulele . Her videos have been featured in Ukulele Magazine, Horror Society, and on many other news outlets.

Angela is the author of Shut Up and Eat! The Unofficial Doctor Who Cookbook Series, she has also been featured in numerous short story anthologies and books with essays on different topics in fandoms, like Dr. Who and Star Trek. Angela went to UNC Greensboro and has a BS in Music Education and a Masters in Liberal Studies and Ethnomusicology. She does the podcasting segment “A Geek Girl’s Take” that can be heard weekly on the Earth Station One Network, and when she has free time, she spends it sewing or playing with her cats and Pugs.

You can find her online at Instagram.com/Angalese and on TikTok as AngelaPlaysUkulele.

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