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Chris A. Jackson

As a sailor, reader of SFF, and gamer, writing nautical and game tie-in stories came naturally for Chris. He has written for Paizo Publishing (Pathfinder Tales), Privateer Press (Iron Kingdoms), Catalyst Game Labs (Shadowrun), Fantasy Flight Games (Arkham Horror), Legendary Games (Legendary Planets), Mongoose Publishing (Traveller).

He has, to date, written over thirty novels, and won numerous awards, including the Scribe Award for Best Short Story in 2020. New releases for 2021 include book three of the Dragons of Boston urban fantasy trilogy with Falstaff Books; Dragon Legacy; his newest nautical fantasy series, the Blood Sea Tales, book four, Ashwalker; and his first novel in the new Five-Fold Universe, Pacifica, from Shadow Alley Press.

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Stuart Jaffe

Stuart Jaffe is the madman behind The Max Porter Paranormal Mysteries, the Nathan K thrillers, The Parallel Society series, The Malja Chronicles, The Bluesman, Founders, Real Magic, and so much more. His unique brand of old pulp adventure mixed with a contemporary sensibility brings out the best in a variety of SF/F sub-genres. He trained in martial arts for over a decade until a knee injury ended that practice. Now, he plays lead guitar in a local blues band, The Bootleggers, and enjoys life on a small farm in rural North Carolina. For those who continue to keep count, the animal list is as follows: one dog, two cats, two aquatic turtles, and seven chickens. The horse is now at a new pasture. She’s having a wonderful time hanging with a herd of thirty other horses. Much better for her. As best as he’s been able to manage, Stuart has made sure that the chickens do not live in the house.

Nickie Jamison

Nickie Jamison is the superhero identity of Ora McGuire. She is a writer of LGBTQ+ erotica and romance blended with sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Ora’s hobbies include gaming, fan-girling, and doing marathons… on Netflix. She also vlogs about life, makeup, and KonMari decluttering on her YouTube channel. Ora lives in Hampton Roads with her darling husband and two spoiled furbabies; #thecatwecalljayne and #KAYLEEsmallFRYE. You can find her living #prettygeeky on all the social media @oopswrongcookie.

Paula S. Jordan

Paula S. Jordan, a former orbit analyst, writes moderately hard, character-driven science fiction, with (so far) three stories in Analog. Her first novel, a present-day alien contact story set in western North Carolina, is nearing completion. Working title: Of Seas and the Stars. The story connects a small-town group of friends with a centuries-old alien-watch network to defend humans and friendly aliens against anti-human alien invaders.

After BA degrees in history and drama and several years as a freelance writer, Paula earned a BS degree in physics and worked with Computer Sciences Corporation supporting 30+ unmanned science and weather missions for both NASA and NOAA, including the Clementine mission that first detected water on the moon.

Darin Kennedy

Darin Kennedy, born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC, is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Bowman Gray School of Medicine. After completing family medicine residency in the mountains of Virginia, he served eight years as a United States Army physician and wrote his first novel in the sands of northern Iraq.

His novel, The Mussorgsky Riddle, was born from a fusion of two of his lifelong loves: classical music and world mythology. The Stravinsky Intrigue continues those same themes, and his Fugue & Fable series culminates in The Tchaikovsky Finale. His The Pawn Stratagem contemporary fantasy series, Pawn’s Gambit and Queen’s Peril, combines contemporary fantasy with the ancient game of chess. His short stories can be found in numerous anthologies and magazines.

Doctor by day and novelist by night, he writes and practices medicine in Charlotte, NC. Find him online at

Pamela K. Kinney

Pamela K. Kinney long ago gave up trying not to listen to the voices in her head and now writes award-winning, best-selling horror, fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Her short story, “Bottled Spirits,” was runner-up for the 2013 WSFA Small Press Award. She has published an urban fantasy novel, a science fiction novella, a collection of horror short stories, and has appeared in various anthologies and magazines. Her horror poem, “Dementia,” (published in HWA Poetry Showcase, Vol. VII in 2020) was named “Best Poem,” in the Critters Readers Poll. She has six non-fiction ghost books. The third one, Virginia’s Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, and Other Haunted Locations, is now in its second printing with extra stories and new ghostly images. Her latest ghost book is Haunted Surry to Suffolk: Spooky Tales Along Routes 10 and 460 from Anubis Press who will also be publishing her non-fiction book, Werewolves, Dogmen, and Other Shapeshifters Stalking America.

Along with writing, Pamela has acted on stage and film and investigates the paranormal on episodes of Paranormal World Seekers for AVA Productions. She is a member of both the Virginia Writers Club and the Horror Writers Association. You can learn more about her at

Debbie Manber Kupfer

Debbie Manber Kupfer grew up in London. She has lived in Israel, New York, and North Carolina and somehow ended up in St. Louis, where she works as a writer, editor, and a freelance puzzle constructor of word puzzles and logic problems. She lives with her husband, two children, and two very opinionated felines.

She is the author of the young adult fantasy series, P.A.W.S. and several picture books including Adana the Earth Dragon. Her puzzles have appeared in Penny Press and Dell Magazines, on the wall of the Eltana Bagel Bakery in Seattle and on a mug produced by the Unemployed Philosophers Society.

In addition, she has stories in several anthologies including Fauxpocalypse, Stardust, Always, Winter Wishes, and is the editor of the Sins of Time horror anthology series. She has also published a book of puzzles, Paws 4 Logic, with her son Joey. She believes that with enough tea and dark chocolate you can achieve anything.

Cheralyn Lambeth

Cheralyn is a professional costume, prop, and puppet builder whose work includes feature films (The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Patriot, The Hunger Games), television shows (Dinosaurs!, Homeland, Outcast), and live/interactive properties (Avenue Q, Star Trek: The Experience, Sir Purr for the Carolina Panthers). She is also a published author with several books including Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas, Creating the Character Costume: Tools, Tips, and Talks with Top Costumers and Cosplayers, and her first fiction book, ‘Twas Halloween Evening: A Tale of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Nathan Vernon Madison

Nathan Vernon Madison is an Eisner Award-nominated author and historian. In 2014, his first book (and revision of his VCU M.A. thesis), Anti-Foreign Imagery in American Pulps and Comic Books, 1920-1960 (McFarland, 2013), was nominated for an Eisner for best scholarly/academic work; the following year, a four-volume encyclopedia to which he contributed, Comics Through Time – A History of Icons, Idols, and Ideas (ABC-CLIO, 2014) was similarly nominated. He also writes on local industrial and economic history; in 2015, he wrote the first full history of an icon of Richmond’s industrial past—Tredegar Iron Works – Richmond’s Foundry on the James (History Press, 2015). Upcoming and in-progress books include a history of pulp-era science fiction to be published in a collection by Routledge; a book chronicling the history of the Richmond Locomotive Works; an edited collection of essays on the history of anime fandom in America; and a history of science fiction magazines from their inception to today.

In 2017, Nathan served as a consultant on director James Cameron’s documentary series The Story of Science Fiction on AMC and has consulted on programs for C-SPAN and the BBC, as well. In 2018, Nathan co-produced a PBS documentary, detailing the parallel histories of the British and Virginia iron industries.

C. McDonnell

Christine has always had a love of reading, writing, and imaginative activities. Her dream of becoming a published author started in grade school, and became official back in 2012, upon publishing a handful of short stories and subsequently bracing for impact. Since then, she has published just under ten short stories, and three full-length novels. Two of those are part of a series in dedication to her best friend, Jessi, titled Kinetic Rebirth and Kinetic Memory. She has attended every RavenCon since 2009, some as an author panelist, others as an eager listener to others in the trade, and once as a high schooler on the “Voices of Tomorrow” panel WAY back in 2011.

She lives with her husband, Brock, and a trilogy of crazy doggos in Chesterfield, VA. You can find her full-length novels on Amazon, and eBook short stories on most eBook platforms.

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