Bryan the Writer is thrilled to return as a guest at RavenCon 2020. He continues to delight his fans with stories of monsters, ghosts, and mysteries guaranteed to send people scurrying for a flashlight. His books The Reverent Dead, The Dramatic Dead, Riapoke, Crimson Tassels, The Bagorian Chronicles, and Dean Cordain, P.I. are available in paperback or on your favorite e-reader.

His personal writing philosophy is to entertain his audience with a mix of suspense, horror, and witty humor to balance it all out. His inspirations as a child were masters such as Terry Brooks, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Edgar Allen Poe. Today he finds inspiration in any number of amazing authors.

In addition to writing, he speaks to new authors and encourages them to chart their own course in the writing world.