DJ Drae has been spinning at conventions, on the radio, and at clubs for over fifteen years. He got his start at a convention in 2005 as the lone DJ for their annual dance. Later that year he started on the club circuit by DJing at the goth club The Dawning in Charlottesville and shortly after that joined WNRN as a host of Les Temps Per Due, a weekly ’80s and ’90s alternative-themed radio show. Since that time he has continued hosting his radio show on WNRN and entertained at other club nights in the Charlottesville area. In 2016, he was one of the founding members of Goth Night in Charlottesville as one of the house DJs there. DJ Drae has spun at several different clubs and goth nights and has also continued spinning on the con circuit at various cons around Virginia. He spins a mix of new/classic Goth, Industrial, Synthpop, and Alternative catered specifically to whatever theme or crowd he’s presented with for the event he is spinning and loves to play requests. DJ Drae can be found at