We are Hampton Roads Splendid Teapot racing. We started Splendid Teapot Racing at MarsCon and RavenCon in Williamsburg about three years ago. Teapot Racing was also featured at the Steampunk Festival at the Hampton History Museum for the last two years, and at Anime Mid-Atlantic in Virginia Beach and the NASA Makers Fair in Hampton. Splendid Teapot Racing is a steampunk sport that began in New Zealand and has quickly become a worldwide steampunk event. Designed to be accessible for the average person, it features an obstacle course of jumps, ramps, and several delicately-balanced, breakable china teacups and saucers that must be negotiated using a remote-controlled vehicle decorated with a teapot. Check out our FB page, “Splendid Teapot Racing Hampton Roads, Virginia” to see pictures and videos. All you need is a remote-controlled vehicle; removing the top and adding a teapot or tea kettle makes it a Teapot Racer. Other decorations can include most anything, but a teapot must be included. In addition to the timed race, points are awarded for costuming, presentation, and entertainment value. Bribes to the judges are not only encouraged, but expected.